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A collection of MMA events, where to watch and where to get tickets.
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We are a collection of MMA fighters and experts that have come together to make available the best content on mixed martial arts.

Psst! We're also looking for authors to join our team.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide insight and analysis on the sport, fighters, and tactics. We also strive to offer the best reviews on MMA gear such as equipment, apparel, and supplements. We hope you find our reviews and articles helpful in your training as well as for following the sport more closely.

Affiliate Relationship

For some of our product reviews, we may earn a commission of you by through our link. We will only recommend products that we have tried and believe you will find valuable. This commission helps us continually improve our platform and publish even better contact for you.

Editorial Standards

We have high editorial standards. All articles are written or edited by our staff members who are MMA fighters, professionals, and experts. All content is made to be as good and accurate as we can possibly make it. If you notice any issues or have any feedback for our team, contact us!

Our Review Methodology

We provide reviews on equipment, gear, and supplements. Our goal is always to tell you what we think about a product by giving an honest review of it. We use the following grading method: Abysmal, Bad, Neutral, Good, Amazing!

We speak with users of the product and/or have used it ourselves, so you know you're only getting the most accurate and relevant content on the web in regards to combat sports.

Combat Docket Calendar

As MMA fans, we noticed that there isn't a single calendar that displays all upcoming fights, where to watch them, who is fighting, and how to get tickets.  This is particularly important for the UFC fan who may only care about that promotion, but in order to see certain fights live they need to know when and where other organizations have events.  We decided to create this resource so that fans can easily find out what's going on in the combat world -- complete with links directly to ticket sales sites.

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