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The Best Heavy Bag Hangers For MMA

Robert Green
Published: July 15, 2021
Updated: July 17, 2021

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Heavy bags have been around for centuries and they are a common training tool in martial arts. They come in all shapes, sizes, weights and materials but the best punching bag hangers will let you train with confidence that your equipment is safe.

A good heavy bag hanger will allow you to attach the bag securely to any type of surface while keeping it out of harms way. We’ve created this list of some of the top options available so that you can find one that suits your needs best easily without wasting time or money on something subpar.

If you're reading this article, chances are you have already purchased a bag or are looking at one, and are building out a home MMA gym. If so, this article should provide you with the information you are looking for in order to select and hang your heavy bag.

We will take a look at seven great solutions to hang a heavy punching bag, regardless of your set up, materials, and skills. Before we go into a closer look at each individual product, as well as additional information you should know when buying a heavy bag hanger, let's take a look at the summary of the top products we discuss in this post. All of them pass our review standards with flying colors!

Our PickBest ValueHeavy Duty
PreviewHeavy Punching Bag Strap Hanger - Heavy Duty Boxing Bag Hanger Strap Mount - Heavy Bag Hanging Strap (Yellow)Eapele Heavy Bag Hangers Brackets for Wood BeamAoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger - Heavy Duty Punching Bag Hanger
TitleXMYANG Heavy Punching Bag Strap HangerEapele Heavy Bag Hangers Brackets for Wood BeamAoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

What to look for when buying a heavy bag hanger

When looking at buying a heavy bag hanger, there are several aspects that you should consider. The first is the quality of the product. The second is the price of the product, and the third is the style of the product.

You should always be focused on safety, ensuring that the bag won't fall onto you when kicking or punching.

The different styles of heavy bag hangers

There are many styles of heavy bag hangers to choose from, and it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. Let's take a look at the different types of heavy bag hanger mounting arrangements.

Beam Mount

A beam mount is the most simple type of hanger. It either screws into or clamps into a beam. Typically, there is a wooden beam mount where you will screw a metal bracket into a wooden beam in the ceiling, or a stud. There is also the steel beam mount which can also be screwed or bolted in, but typically clamps onto the beam. These are more for gym use.

It has no moving parts to break or malfunction.

Wall Mount

A wall mount drills directly into a wall, and sticks out at a 90° angle. It holds the heavy bag away from the wall. This is a secure, yet permanent way to mount a heavy bag. It also doesn't allow the bag to swing as much as we would like, so our first choice will always be the beam mount.

Strap Mount

Strap mounts are versatile because you can wrap them around beams, but also use them with punching bag stands.

Strap mounts typically come in the form of a super high strength fabric strap. You may be worried about the strength, but this thing can hold thousands of pounds, so your bag will be more than secure.

Chain Mount

A chain mount is very similar to a strap holder. It uses two chains that wrap around the beam, and then into a loop that must be clamped off.

The main difference is that this mount is typically used for hanging free standing heavy bags on a steel frame building or garage without having to drill holes. They can also be used on heavy bag stands.

The best heavy bag hangers

Now let's break down the best heavy bag hangers available on the market today. We're going to take a detailed look at each one of them. All products on this list offer something different than the other, so it should be easy for you to find the best one for your gym set up, fighting style, and additional needs.

Our Pick
Heavy Punching Bag Strap Hanger - Heavy Duty Boxing Bag Hanger Strap Mount - Heavy Bag Hanging Strap (Yellow) Heavy Punching Bag Strap Hanger - Heavy Duty Boxing Bag Hanger Strap Mount - Heavy Bag Hanging Strap (Yellow)

This type of mounting is a bit different than the other heavy bag holders in this list because it is a strap. However, this design makes it not permanent, and easy to install if you have beams running in your ceiling. You'll see a lot of gyms using this, especially if they swap bags out during the day.

Polyester strap is incredibly strong and made out of the same stuff that they use to tie down cargo on trucks. It can support heavy bags of up to 1000 pounds. You can also adjust this strap from a length of 22 to 40 inches, meaning that your heavy bag can be the perfect height from the floor. If the bag comes in with its own mount, and you're not using a chain mount, this versatility makes a strap mount set up one of the best.

This is actually our pick, but unfortunately many people in home gyms don't have beams to wrap this around. However, you can use it in multiple locations, adjusted, and it won't make as much noise as a chain or a metal heavy bag mount.

07/30/2022 02:50 am GMT
Best Value
Eapele Heavy Bag Hangers Brackets for Wood Beam Eapele Heavy Bag Hangers Brackets for Wood Beam

The Eapele Heavy Bag Hangers Brackets for Wood Beam is one of the best selling and highest rated heavy bag hangers on the market for a reason. It is simple in design, overbilled, and will handle any heavy bag that you want to hang from it. It comes with all the mounting hardware, as well as a carabiner, and solid stainless steel construction.

This hanger is a staple in the gyms that we train at because it is very high-quality and low cost. This is built to screw directly into a wooden beam or a stud, meaning that you should be able to hang it from a home gym or a garage with ease.

The swivel is connected to a nylon bushing which means that there will be no squeaking or noise from the actual hanger itself. That's a big selling point because some other hangers at this price point are built with cheaper materials, and metal will squeak on metal.

If you're looking for a low-cost heavy bag hanger and aren't afraid to screw directly into a ceiling or wooden beam, this is by far your best bet.

07/30/2022 02:15 am GMT
For The Heaviest Bags
Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger - Heavy Duty Punching Bag Hanger Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger - Heavy Duty Punching Bag Hanger

If you have an incredibly heavy bag, kick or punch with a ton of power, or simply want the most durable bag hanger available on the market, look at the Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger.

You will see this at many professional MMA gyms, if they choose to hang their bags from a wall. It's crews directly into either concrete cinderblock or studs behind drywall, and comes with mounting hardware. This mounting hardware is a bit different from standard screws in that they are expansion bolts which make sure that this thing isn't going anywhere.

It is designed to hold up to 1000 pounds. If you are going to do that be sure to screw it into concrete and not wood. The large steel base plate ensures that there will be no vibrations, and this is furthered with the six mounting holes.

07/30/2022 05:00 am GMT
Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel Beam Heavy Bag Hanger Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

This is an interesting one which we have seen used at many different MMA gyms in the past. This clamps onto steel I-beams, so if you have those running through the ceiling of your gym or garage, this may be a great low-cost alternative to some of the others on this list. You then also would put a swivel and a carabiner onto the actual bolt.

07/30/2022 02:56 am GMT
Everlast Wood Beam Holder (EA), Black, One Size Everlast Wood Beam Holder (EA), Black, One Size

The lowest cost bag holder on this list, the Everlast wood beam holder is probably the simplest contraption you can get to mount a bag. It's created for single or double end heavy bags. Just because it has a low price point doesn't mean that the quality is lacking, it comes with durable enamel powder coating and solid bolts and mounting hardware.

It will swivel 360°, but unlike the other wooden beam mounting set up discussed in the beginning of this comparison, this one doesn't have a nylon bushing. However, we have actually use this ourselves and there is no squeaking. If you do get squeaking from your heavy bag holder, simply put a little WD-40 on it.

We really like this brand because even though it is so cheap, Everlast will replace the product if there are any defects within 120 days from date of purchase.

07/30/2022 12:11 am GMT
Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Only - Punching Bag Hangers Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Only - Punching Bag Hangers

This is another wall mount. It's not as heavy duty as other offerings out there, but it should be able to support any bag that you're looking for. You can easily attach it to a concrete or 12 inch wood stud wall. If fits all sizes of Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, or other striking sport bags.

The unique selling point of this wall mount for heavy bag hangers is that you can adjust and swivel it as need be. That means you can move the bag out of the way once you're done with your workout, increase the height, and position the bag as need be. It's worth noting that this will only work up to 100 pounds because of this feature, so if you're looking for something super heavy duty, look to the other heavy bag holders in this list.

07/30/2022 12:10 am GMT

Does fighting style matter when it comes to heavy bag hangers?

You may want to take your fighting style into consideration when looking into heavy bag hangers. For example, if you are in a discipline that focuses more on power kicks, such as kickboxing, you may want a stronger set up because of that. Kicks will always carry more power than punches, so you want to make sure that you're happy bag hanger can sustain repeated blows.

It's important that you get a model that is ideal for your style and ability so that you can enjoy the full benefits of training in the gym, instead of worrying about damaging the equipment.

It is also worth noting where you plan on using it too, as this varies greatly depending on whether it is design to be used at home or in a MMA gym. The only reason why anyone should buy one designed for their own home is if they have enough space and budget available that allows them to install something permanent.

Consider the installation method

We talked about this when looking at the individual best heavy bag hangers, but a big factor that you should take into account when purchasing one is where it will be installed. You'll notice that there are several types of hanger. A strap, a wall mount, and a beam mount. On this list, the beam mount has two variations, one for steel and one for Wood.

The heavy bag mount for a wooden beam screws into the wood which makes it a lot more secure but does mean that there is damage to your walls.

The strap, wall mount, and steel hanger are all attached by using straps to either the ceiling or the floor. The difference between them is how permanent of a fix they are. A beam mount can't be moved once screwed in, so if you want to move equipment around on a frequent basis then this option isn't for you. If you're going to be conditioning inside your home often then a strap mount may also be an issue because they take up floor space (if you don't have something to wrap it around a need to buy a bag holder) as well as hanging down from the ceiling.

Keep in mind, the mounts that screw into your wall will always be the most permanent and sturdy.

We have put together a helpful guide about how to install heavy bag hangers in concrete as well as wood. Definitely give that a read if you are considering purchasing one.

The other factor that you'll want to consider is how much floor space you have available. If you're in a situation where there isn't much room to move around, then a wall mount model may not be ideal because it will take up more of that precious area. The strap type hangers are also only semi-permanent and can be moved around with relative ease, making them great if you need to use the same equipment in different areas often.

Safety should be on top of your priority list when looking at options.

With all training comes risk but as mentioned before, this is magnified when taking part in martial arts. Read through reviews before deciding on one so that you know what to expect and whether or not it will be safe for you.

Safety is more important than price, and luckily heavy bag mounts don't cost that much money compared to other combat sport gear. Price shouldn't be the determining factor when shopping.

You may be tempted to spend less money but this doesn't mean buy junk! Sometimes it may just come down to personal preference, but if there are two similar products of equal value then go with whatever you feel suits your needs best. Be sure you are looking at something quality. All products in this list pass our quality test.


If this is your first heavy bag mount purchase, congratulations you are moving up in the world of combat sport. It probably means that you are installing a bag in your own home gym . Whatever the reason may be, just don't buy a bag hanger just because it looks cool. There are many factors to take into account when deciding what is best for you including accessibility, budget, and actually need.

If possible stick with one that screws in to your wooden beams because this always makes for the most secure option. If not then look at getting strap mounts or beam mounted models if there isn't much room available where you'll be using it.

Whatever you do don't scrimp on safety by accidentally buying something flimsy. Safety should always be a top priority when training MMA.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these items or would like to recommend another one, please let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your search for the best heavy bag hangers!

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