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Chatri Sityodtong: A Close Look Into the Man behind ONE FC (2023)

Robert Green
Published: July 8, 2023
Updated: July 8, 2023

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When we delve into the world of Asian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the name Chatri Sityodtong often springs to the forefront.

A tale of relentless spirit and unfathomable determination, Chatri's journey from Thailand to becoming the mastermind behind ONE Championship, the largest global sports media entity in Asia, is nothing short of inspirational.

Via @yodchatri Instagram

Despite the challenges his early life presented, Chatri has continued to rise, becoming an emblem of courage and tenacity. This article will dive deep into the man behind ONE Championship, looking into his upbringing, early life, and other ventures.


Fondly known in the MMA realm for his illustrious role as founder, chairman, and CEO of ONE Championship, Chatri has left his indelible mark in the sports world.


His larger-than-life persona is not only perceived in the successful management of ONE Championship but also shines as the star of 'The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition.'

In addition to his illustrious business and sports achievements, Chatri possesses a compelling personal journey worth recognition. Born in Thailand to a Thai father and Japanese mother, Chatri endured hardship stemming from the Asian Financial Crisis, which led to his family bankruptcy.

However, this struggle sparked a determination in him that was unquenchable. He pursued his education at Tufts University and Harvard Business School, fostering an irrepressible will that powered his later successes.

Chatri, pictured center, graduating from HBS.
Chatri, pictured center, graduating from HBS. Via Linkedin.

In tandem with his professional accomplishments, Chatri's philanthropic endeavors add another profound layer to his persona. He is an active supporter of numerous charitable organizations such as the Global Poverty Project, Boys' Town Home, Singapore Children's Society, and Children's Cancer Foundation.

The EVOLVE Community Outreach Program.
The EVOLVE Community Outreach Program. Source.

Fundamentally, Chatri is a man driven by the mission to make significant, positive changes in society. He upholds the belief that success is not merely financial wealth, but the ability to transform lives and inspire others.

As we delve deeper into the life and career of Chatri Sityodtong in the subsequent sections, we will uncover how his martial arts background shaped his character, his strategic change from a career in finance to founding ONE Championship, and the lasting legacy he is forging.

Early Life and Education

Chatri Sityodtong was born in 1971 to a Thai father and Japanese mother. His early life in his native Thailand was characterized by normalcy, with little indication of the phenomenal journey that lay ahead. However, his serene childhood was brutally disrupted when the Asian Financial Crisis struck, plunging his family into an impromptu free-fall into bankruptcy.

This unexpected financial turmoil was further exacerbated when Chatri's father abandoned the family, leaving a young Chatri, his mother, and his brother to grapple with their newfound hardships.

Chatri and his mother, early childhood.
Chatri and his mother, early childhood. Source.

Undeterred, Chatri embraced the resilience he would later become known for and turned his attention towards education as a means of overcoming his life’s obstacles. After completing his initial schooling in Thailand, he ventured to the United States for his tertiary education.

Thanks to a combination of hard work, determination, and undeniable talent, Chatri graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University in 1994. With this solid foundation, he further fortified his academic credentials by pursuing an MBA at the prestigious Harvard Business School, which he obtained in 1999.

brown concrete palace under blue sky at daytime

The choice to pursue higher education wasn't an easy one given his family's financial struggles. Yet, his determination to rise above his circumstances was unwavering.

Chatri's academic journey not only highlights his rigorous intellectual capabilities but also underscores the profound resilience that would become a defining feature of his character.

His decision to face adversity head-on and turn it into a springboard for success lays the foundation of his inspiring journey from humble beginnings in Thailand to becoming the powerhouse entrepreneur that he is today.

Chatri's story is not only testament to the transformative power of education, but also an illustration of how adversities can be shaping influences, catapulting individuals towards achievements beyond their wildest imaginations.

These experiences undoubtedly shaped Chatri's philosophy towards life and success, as evidenced in his later business ventures and contributions to martial arts.

Martial Arts Background

Sityodtong’s path to becoming one of Asia's most influential figures in martial arts began during his childhood days in his native Thailand. His journey started under the guidance of Papa Daorung, a coach based in Thailand, and senior trainer at the "Sityodtong Gym".

Chatri, as a teenager, and Papa Daorung, his first coach.
Chatri, as a teenager, and Papa Daorung, his first coach.

At the time, Kru Yodtong Senanan, a legendary trainer from the renowned Sityodtong Camp in Pattaya, Thailand, was the the grandmaster of the gym. The respected Senanan recognized Chatri's potential and bestowed upon him the ring name Yodchatri Sityodtong, a name that he would bring honor to in over 30 professional Muay Thai bouts.

Chatri in the Sityodtong Camp
Chatri in the Sityodtong Camp. Source.

Guided by Senanan, a known mastermind in the realm of Muay Thai, Chatri intensively trained in the martial art, ultimately earning the esteemed status of a certified senior Muay Thai instructor.

Senanan's trust in Sityodtong ran so deep that, prior to his death, he appointed him as one of only four designated conservators of Sityodtong Muay Thai globally, an honor reserved for only the most devoted and proficient students.

Embracing his thirst for the martial arts, Chatri did not limit himself to Muay Thai. After moving to the United States for his higher studies, he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City.

In this new discipline, Sityodtong once again demonstrated his dedication and skill. Under the tutelage of BJJ World Champions Rafael Gordinho Lima and Leandro Brodinho Issa, he earned his blue and purple belts.

By 2021, his aptitude and commitment to the sport led BJJ World Champion Alex Silva to award Chatri his brown belt, with the blessing of Renzo Gracie himself.

Through these experiences, Chatri cultivated a profound understanding of martial arts, a discipline that shaped him into a resilient and centered individual. In 2019, his exceptional contributions to the martial arts community were recognized, as he was inducted into the illustrious Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame.

All of this serves as a testament to his dedication and passion for martial arts–a journey that began as a child in Thailand and followed him all the way to Singapore, where he reshaped Asia's combat sports landscape.

Career in Business and Finance

From modest beginnings to scaling the heights of financial success, Chatri Sityodtong's career in business and finance has been nothing short of extraordinary.

His journey began as an investment analyst at Fidelity Investments, a role that exposed him to a wide range of industries and provided him with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and financial landscapes. This experience laid the foundation for Chatri's future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Recognizing the potential of a rapidly digitizing world, Chatri partnered with Harvard classmate, Yau Soon Loo, to launch Nextdoor Networks, an e-commerce infrastructure company based in San Francisco.

This was Chatri's first foray into the world of startups, providing valuable insights and experiences that would guide and shape his career trajectory in the years to come. Despite the challenges and intense competition in the tech startup space, the company thrived and was eventually sold for $20 million.

Driven by ambition and equipped with his newly accumulated wealth, Chatri entered the world of hedge funds. He became a Managing Director at Maverick Capital, a US$12 billion hedge fund which gave him the added experience and confidence to launch his own hedge fund, Izara Capital Management.

Being the helmsman of a US$500 million fund was a position of immense responsibility and pressure, yet it was here that Chatri honed his investment acumen, preparing him for the next phase in his career.

In 2008, combining his business acumen and love for martial arts, Chatri launched Evolve MMA, a chain of martial arts academies sprawled across Asia.

Chatri, in an Evolve MMA gym. Source.

This venture set the scene for what was to come, intertwining his business skills with his lifelong passion for martial arts. It served as the initial stepping-stone to his groundbreaking decision to create ONE Championship just three years later.

As the founder and current Chairman and CEO of ONE Championship, Chatri is at the helm of Asia’s first multi-billion-dollar global sports media property.

His decision to venture into an initially void sports market space in Asia and his deep-seated commitment to promoting Asian values and martial arts have been instrumental in the organization's extraordinary success.

Chatri Sityodtong's career trajectory has not been conventional, and his relentless drive and unique vision have set him apart, paving the way for the transformation of the Asian martial arts industry.

ONE Championship and its Impact

Bearing the torch of Asia's rich martial arts heritage, Chatri Sityodtong envisioned creating a platform that would truly celebrate and elevate it in the global arena. Thus, he ventured into the world of sports entertainment by establishing ONE Championship in 2011.

Widely recognized as a pioneer, his leadership paved the way for ONE to become Asia's largest global sports media property, attracting Forbes' attention:

Chatri presenting at Forbes: The Next Tycoons event

The secret to ONE Championship's long-lasting growth and success under Chatri's stewardship stems from the organization's focus on respect and values. It wasn't merely about physical prowess or combat skills, but rather about the stories behind these martial artists.

Their journey, their resilience, and their pursuit of passion became the heart of the promotion, providing a refreshing narrative, often overshadowed in the realm of competitive sports.

The forward-thinking nature of Chatri's management didn't stop at elevating the sport's storytelling. Recognizing ONE Championship's potential as a media powerhouse, a strategic partnership was forged with Amazon, broadening its reach further.

Moreover, a significant trade (ONE trading for Demetrious Johnson, offering Ben Askren) with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) enriched ONE Championship's talent pool, marking a milestone in the MMA landscape.

It wasn't just about building the brand; Chatri aimed to nurture the ecosystem that sustains the sport. To underscore this, he addressed the issue of weight-cutting by implementing hydration tests for its athletes' safety and fair competition, a practice that gained significant international recognition.

Info via

All these strategic moves elevated ONE Championship from a startup to a central player in the global MMA and martial arts space. Yet, even against its towering success, the organization's genuine respect for its athletes and steadfast commitment to embodying the true spirit of martial arts remains the cornerstone of its brand.

As such, ONE Championship is more than a sports media property - it’s a platform that elevates, celebrates, and truly encapsulates the beauty and power of martial arts.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Chatri Sityodtong has not limited his success story to the business and martial arts world only. His endeavors in the realms of personal life and philanthropy are noteworthy.

Sityodtong, having witnessed poverty and hardship himself, allocates substantial portions of his wealth towards uplifting the less fortunate.

If anything, his humble beginnings have instilled in him the profound understanding of the impact his success can have on society at large.

He regularly extends his support to organizations such as the Global Poverty Project and the Children's Cancer Foundation, both dedicated to mitigating some of the world's most pressing issues – poverty and child cancer.

But his philanthropy efforts do not end here. Sityodtong, understanding the vital role of education and shelter in a child’s life, actively contributes to Boys' Town Home and the Singapore Children's Society.

These organizations enable a secure future for abandoned children, or those in distress, through quality education and holistic care.

Beyond his financial contributions, Sityodtong values the power of personal involvement.

He invests time and resources in various charitable events and drives, underlining his dedication to giving back to society. Not an occasional philanthropist, but rather, he forms lasting partnerships with these organizations, supporting them in uninterrupted, long-term prospects of advancing their mission. I

n this way, Sityodtong’s philosophy of resilience transcends the arena of martial arts and is embedded within his philanthropic endeavors, embodying the belief that every hardship can be turned into an opportunity for growth and giving.

Chatri Sityodtong's commitment to affecting positive change serves as a testament to his aspirational journey. It's his conviction that the essence of true happiness and success transcends the boundaries of personal financial accomplishments, and lies in making a tangible difference in others’ lives.

By assimilating his personal experiences into his philanthropy efforts, he has successfully constructed a bridge between his world of martial arts and the realm of public welfare.

Reflections and Lessons Learned

From a humble beginning marked by poverty and immense adversity, Chatri Sityodtong has emerged as one of today's influential figures in martial arts and entrepreneurship. His life is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and self-belief.

Through the acute hardships forged by the Asian Financial Crisis, Chatri realized that true wealth extends far beyond financial success. He discovered that real fulfillment lies within the pursuit of one's passions, the impact made on others' lives, and the ability to rise from the ashes of despair.

His maturation process led him to develop deep insights into a philosophy of success governed by the concept of Ikigai - a Japanese philosophy urging individuals to find a confluence between what they love, are good at, the world needs, and what can be paid for. From street kid in Bangkok to becoming the face of ONE Championship, Chatri's journey is an embodiment of this Ikigai.

As a martial arts enthusiast, Chatri insists on the importance of continuous self-improvement and resilience. He believes martial arts is much more than fighting; it is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

All these have shaped Chatri's approach towards life and guided him in creating ONE Championship. In the end, his story brings hope, urging us never to give up on our dreams, no matter the adversities that lay in our path.


How Tall Is Chatri Sityodtong?

Chatri Sityodtong stands at 5′ 10″ tall.

What is Chatri Sityodtong's Net Worth?

As of September 2023, it's reported that Chatri Sityodtong's Net Worth is US$350 million.

What Is Chatri Sityodtong's Weight?

He weighs in at 170lbs. This would make Chatri a Welterweight according to the One Championship weight classes. And remember, there's no weight cutting with this promotion!

Legacy and Future Endeavors

The striking trajectory of Chatri Sityodtong's life, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering spirit of determination, paints an image that is both inspirational and emblematic of the martial arts ethos he upholds.

From his arduous beginnings in Thailand to his eminent place in the global MMA arena, Sityodtong's legacy is already notable. And yet, his vision for ONE Championship is far from complete.

In terms of future endeavors, Sityodtong views the role of ONE Championship as transformative, aiming to reshape the global landscape of combat sports.

He envisions an expansion that would position the promotion as a dominant player not just in Asia, but worldwide. He's particularly focused on penetrating the American market, a move that could significantly impact the balance of power in the MMA domain.


For Sityodtong, every belt earned, every victory celebrated, carries weight beyond the fight itself. They embody not just personal triumphs of the athletes, but the larger narrative of resilience, discipline and humility, values that form the very core of martial arts.

As we look ahead, it's clear that Sityodtong's story is just the beginning of the ONE Championship legacy. The Thai entrepreneur and MMA instructor is committed to realizing his audacious vision while elevating the sport he loves to new heights.

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