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Heavy Bag Weight - Which Should You Choose?

Robert Green
Published: July 18, 2021
Updated: July 18, 2021

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It’s a huge decision when choosing the appropriate weight for your heavy bag. One that many people will struggle with, and often come to different conclusions about. Weighing up the pros and cons of each option is necessary in order to determine which will be best suited for you. This article aims to give you an insight into what it is like training using each type of weight, so that you can make an informed decision on which one would suit you best!

Everlast Bag Weight Infographic

The industry rule of thumb is that the bag should be about have your weight. So if you weigh 160 pounds, then a 80 pound heavy bag would be the right size for you. At the same time, this is also very arbitrary, and should be used to get a good idea of the bag that you should be looking at. However, if you know that you strike a lot harder than other people who weigh in at 160lbs, then you may want to opt for an even heavier bag.

What you use the bag for also matters. Strikers may want a lighter bag, while kickboxers may want a heavier one.

A quick word of advice; If you are new to hitting a heavy bag, then start out with a lighter one. It will allow you develop proper form more quickly without getting too frustrated and fatigued easily.

Also, the bag's type matters as much as its weight does. The most common types of bags are: leather, vinyl and canvas heavy bags. The way these materials react when struck makes them different in feel and experience, giving each their own pros and cons.

The heavier the bag, the less it will swing. Most punching bags swing naturally because of the overall weight, and therefore, when you strike it, you will be able to feel a very natural movement. On the other hand, an extremely heavy bag is going to sway less with each blow; making it feel less like a live opponent.

The heavier bag will be able to take kicks extremely well; although they tend to come crashing down pretty hard on their chains at times because of how sturdy and heavy they are. This also makes them less suited for people who are trying to do any form of speed training because it takes the speed out of every strike that is thrown because of its massive weight.

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* If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

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