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UFC Fight Night: Aspinall vs. Tybura


July 22 @ 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Get ready for a thrilling night of professional Mixed Martial Arts coverage at the UFC Fight Night: Aspinall vs. Tybura, taking place on July 22, 2023, at the iconic O2 Arena in London. The main card, broadcasting on ESPN+ at 3:00 PM, promises to deliver exhilarating excitement as T. Aspinall (12-3-0) faces off against M. Tybura (24-7-0) in what promises to be a spectacle of grit, strength, and skilled combat.

The event is packed with an impressive undercard, starting with prelims on ESPN+ at 12:00 PM. The bout will showcase a compelling line-up of fighters such as M. McCann vs. J. Stoliarenko, N. Wood vs. A. Fili, P. Craig going head-to-head with A. Muniz, J. Herbert battling it out against F. Ziam, and the undefeated L. Murphy squaring off with J. Culibao. Each match promises to be a thrilling display of strategy, agility and sheer determination with athletes vying to rise in their respective rankings.

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How To Stream UFC Fight Night: Aspinall vs. Tybura

You can stream the event on the following platforms. We include pricing, though this is subject to change.

CombatDocket Pro Pre-fight Analysis

The main card for the upcoming UFC event looks like an absolute barnburner, featuring some exceptional athletes and tantalizing matchups. For the purposes of this analysis, we will be zooming in on three select fights that are poised to crack open the evening: the heavyweight clash between Tom Aspinall and Marcin Tybura, the women's flyweight bout between Molly McCann and Julija Stoliarenko, and the intriguing featherweight standoff between Nathaniel Wood and Andre Fili.

The main event sees English heavyweight Tom Aspinall go up against seasoned Polish fighter Marcin Tybura. With only an inch height difference between them and a virtually identical reach, this is a more even matchup than it seems on the surface. Aspinall's records show a clearly dominant striking game, hurling significant blows at an impressive rate with deadly precision. Tybura, however, brings a wealth of experience to the table and won't be easily bowled over. His background in grappling signifies an underrated aspect of his game that he can utilize to throw Aspinall off his rhythm. If Tybura can weather Aspinall's strike storm and turn the fight into a grappling match, it should be an interesting watch.

Next up is the women's flyweight showdown between English fighter Molly McCann and her Lithuanian counterpart, Julija Stoliarenko. With strong striking records on both sides and decent grappling numbers, this fight could go either way. However, Stoliarenko wields a noticeable height and reach advantage that might give her the edge on stand-up exchanges. Coupled with her superior submission numbers, if McCann can't keep her distance and avoid being forced into grappling exchanges, she could find herself on the receiving end of a quick night.

Finally, let's dissect the featherweight bout between Nathaniel Wood and Andre Fili. Fili holds a clear size advantage with a five inches height difference and substantial reach advantage. He could use this size disparity to his advantage, keeping Wood at bay with his long punches and kicks. However, Wood's stats reveal a fighter with a significant strike output difference and moderately successful takedown ability. If he can close the distance rapidly, avoid falling for Fili's potential reach strategy, and put Fili on his back early, Wood might just spring a surprise on the heavy-hitting American.

Prediction Time: The heavyweight clash between Aspinall and Tybura is the fight to watch. It's an experienced, tactical grinder versus a youthful, hard-hitting mauler. Despite Aspinall's earlier victories, I'm going to lean towards Tybura here. I believe his experience and grappling abilities will prove crucial in weathering Aspinall's early storm and turning the fight into a chess match on the mat.

Predictions are always a gamble in the unpredictable world of MMA, but these educated guesswork at least give us a rough idea of what to expect. Regardless, this upcoming card promises to deliver many exciting moments, and it will be thrilling to see how the fights unfold.


July 22
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Event Category:


O2 Arena
Peninsula Square
London, SE10 0DX United Kingdom
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Bouts and Fighters

Watch out for Tybura's incredible resilience despite his age. Aspinall also boasts an orthodox stance and an aggressive fighting style, making their fight a potential knockout spectacle.
McCann's significant striking accuracy could spell danger for Stoliarenko, who goes into the fight with a lackadaisical takedown average. Julija's height and reach, though, might assist her in maintaining distance.
This one might turn into a game of chess since both fighters are pretty evenly matched. However, Fili's better takedown average could ensure him the crucial points if this fight goes the distance.
Pay attention to the contrast in styles. Craig's orthodox stance versus Muniz's southpaw could definitely make things interesting. Muniz's superior takedown average might prove crucial if the fight hits the mat.
This evenly poised contest could go either way. Herbert's orthodox, measured approach contrasts with Ziar's similarly poised orthodox stance, so watch out for an analytic, strategic battle.
Look out for a potential knockout from Murphy, given the significant striking accuracy difference between these orthodox warriors. Culibao needs to enhance his defense or risk getting battered early.
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