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: Elbow Escape

The Elbow Escape, often referred to as the 'Shrimp' or 'Hip Escape', is a fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) technique. Grounded in leverage and positioning, it is a quintessential move for escaping an opponent's mount or side control. Understanding and mastering the Elbow Escape is key to a solid BJJ defensive game.

Establish Initial Position

Start by lying flat on your back with your opponent mounted on top of you. Your elbows should be tight to your body and your hands up to protect your face.

Utilize Elbows and Hips

Keep one elbow firmly against the opponent's knee as a barrier. Simultaneously, use your other elbow to push against the opponent's hip. This creates the initial space necessary for the escape.

Perform the 'Shrimp' Movement

Utilize the space created to lift your hip and slide it out in the direction of the barrier elbow. This movement is often referred to as the 'shrimp' or 'hip escape'.

Regain Guard

Finally, use the space you've created to slide your knee between you and your opponent, effectively regaining guard position.

How To Defend

As the person attempting the Elbow Escape, if you notice your opponent countering, transition into another escape technique such as the 'Upa' or 'Bridge' roll. It's important to keep moving and creating space.

How To Counter

To counter the Elbow Escape, the top player should keep their hips low and apply pressure consistently so the bottom player can't create space. Controlling the opponent's hips and maintaining tight grips can also prevent the execution of this escape.

When To Use

The Elbow Escape can be employed in competition whenever the user is under side control or mount, and the user's aim is to escape this bad position. It's used because it leverages the individual's body mechanics to create a path to escape, making it a high-percentage move when executed correctly.

Mastering the Elbow Escape’s precise movements requires time and consistent practice. Training with partners of different sizes and strengths can help acclimate you to various scenarios and improve your ability to apply this technique.

In conclusion, the Elbow Escape is a cornerstone of BJJ defense strategy. It requires ample practice to master, but once achieved, can significantly enhance your BJJ game by increasing your abilities to escape disadvantageous positions.

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