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: Knee Slice Pass

The Knee Slice Pass, also known as the 'Knee Cut,' is an essential technique in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) sport. It’s a fundamental concept particularly used during the guard passes where you have to bypass your opponent’s line of defense. This pass creates numerous opportunities for submissions and transition into dominant positions.


Start from a standing position inside your opponent's guard with one knee up. The foot of the knee that's up should be on the same side as the arm you'll be using to control your opponent's collar.


Slide your knee diagonally across your opponent's thigh while maintaining collar and sleeve control. As you slide your knee across, lower your body and use your forearm and bodyweight to put pressure on your opponent. Finish the pass by fully extricating your trapped leg and establishing side control.

How To Defend

One of the most common defenses of the Knee Slice Pass is to create a frame with the knee and elbow. Using the frame will limit the passer's movements and create an opportunity to recover full guard or initiate a sweep.

How To Counter

A knee shield or a deep half guard are both effective counters to the Knee Slice Pass. It’s important for the defender to control the distance and angles, preventing the passer from gaining the necessary pressure and control for the move.

When To Use

The Knee Slice Pass is often used in competition because it provides a simple, yet highly efficient way to pass your opponent's guard. It’s primarily used to establish dominance, transition to other positions, or for submission opportunities. It also creates a pathway to the side control, providing an advantage in both points and position.

While the efficiency of this technique is unanimous, its application requires a deep understanding of timing, weight distribution, grip placement, and most importantly, patience.

Mastering the Knee Slice Pass will greatly improve your BJJ game, as it's a versatile and powerful tool that is effective across all levels of skill. As with all techniques in BJJ, it's important to practice with care and respect for your training partner.

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