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: Torreando Pass

The Torreando Pass or Bullfighter Pass, is a classic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) technique primarily employed in the guard pass situation. It's deemed one of the fundamental passes, essential for any BJJ practitioner, either for defense or attack. Its effectiveness comes from the domination and control it enables one to exert over an opponent's hip movement.

Establish Position

Assuming your opponent is down on their back, ensure you are on your feet, standing near their legs with your knees slightly bent.


Secure your grips on the inside of your opponent's knees. The grip is crucial for the execution of this pass. It is typically obtained by gripping the pant legs around the knees.

Move to the Side

In one quick motion, push the legs to one side while moving your body to the other. The motion should be similar to swinging a door open.

Pass the Guard

As your opponent's legs move to one side, their guard will be open. Use this opportunity to dart around to the side and establish side control, thus completing the pass.

How To Defend

Quick hip movement and spider guard are typically effective in defending against a Torreando pass.

How To Counter

To counter the Torreando Pass, one must respond swiftly. Try to disbalance the top player by pushing, pulling, or lifting the legs, while rotating the hips to create an opportunity to regain the guard.

When To Use

The Torreando pass is prominently used when one practitioner is in an open guard situation and seeks to pass the opponent's guard. The primary reason to utilize this maneuver is to achieve a more advantageous position from which to launch further attacks or gain points for passing guard in competitive settings.

While simple in concept, the Torreando Pass requires a comprehensive understanding of timing, speed, and direction. A masterful employment of the technique can lead to beautiful sequences in many BJJ matches.

The Torreando Pass, while basic, is a powerful move that can change the tide of a match if executed correctly. Essential in the arsenal of any BJJ practitioner, its mastery can contribute significantly to one's growth in this art.

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