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: X-Pass

The X-Pass is a dynamically effective passing technique used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) to bypass the opponent's guard. Developed with an emphasis on speed, momentum, and leverage, the X-Pass allows for a seamless transition that leaves the opponent's defenses disoriented. It's notable for its efficiency as it merges functionality and simplicity, making it a favorite for many BJJ practitioners.

Control the legs

Start by gaining control over your opponent’s legs. Use your arms to pin down your opponent's legs making sure to establish firm grips.

Move to one side

Swiftly move to one side of your opponent. The side to which you move will depend on your dominant side and the configuration of your opponent's guard.

Execute the pass

Keep your opponent's leg trapped with one hand as you 'X' across their body with your other hand pushing their other leg away. Simultaneously, pivot and step to the trapped leg's side. Make sure your chest is facing down.

How To Defend

To defend against the X-Pass, the defender should aim to retain their guard by scooping the passer's stepping foot. A hip escape or 'shrimp' movement may also be employed to create distance and reset the guard.

How To Counter

To counter the X-Pass, the defender must anticipate their opponent's movements. As soon as the passer begins to execute the step, the defender must immediately hook their foot on the passer's hip, blocking the path to the pass and resetting their guard.

When To Use

In competition, the X-Pass is often used when a competitor wishes to counter an active open guard player. Its efficiency and speed make it an excellent choice when trying to score points for passing the guard or transitioning into a dominant position.

It's crucial to maintain balance and control throughout the process of executing an X-Pass. Overcommitting can leave you vulnerable to sweeps or submissions.

The X-Pass serves its practitioner as a simple to implement yet efficiency-driven technique. Understanding its mechanics and practicing it with diligence enhances the competitor's ability to maneuver past diverse guard defenses.

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