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The Kimura is one of the most fundamental and effective techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Revered for its sheer strength and versatility, the Kimura is a powerful submission that targets the opponent's shoulder. It's named after the legendary Judoka, Masahiko Kimura, who used this submission to defeat Helio Gracie.

Establish Control

Start from a dominant position such as the side control or north-south position. Secure your grip on the opponent's far wrist, ensuring your thumb is wrapped around their arm.

Apply the Lock

Slide your other hand under your opponent's arm, reaching up towards your wrist to form a figure-four grip. Begin to apply pressure on their shoulder by lifting up their arm and rotating it backwards.

How To Defend

Defending against the Kimura starts with proper hand positioning. Always keep your elbows close to your body to prevent your opponent from isolating your arm. Additionally, keeping pressure on your opponent can make it harder for them to execute the move.

How To Counter

To counter the Kimura, a common method is to straighten your arm or keep it tight against your body to minimize the lever. You also need to create space for your arm to escape by moving your hips away from your opponent.

When To Use

In competition, the Kimura is used as a powerful submission technique. It is versatile, as it can be performed from a variety of positions, making it a valuable tool in any BJJ practitioner's arsenal. It is used not only to secure a submission but also to control the opponent.

The kimura is not only a submission, but it is also a strong control position that allows various transitions. Also, it’s crucial to always control your opponent's posture during the setup process.

Mastering the Kimura can significantly improve your BJJ game. Though it may take time to properly execute, understanding its mechanics can provide you an effective and versatile tool in grappling exchanges.

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