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: Double Leg Takedown

The Double Leg Takedown is a highly effective takedown technique widely used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). The move's essence lies in the fighter swiftly getting in close to their opponent, securing a firm grip around both legs, and then using their body's momentum to knock them off balance and onto the ground.

Initial Stance and Approach

Start by assuming a ready stance, ensuring both of you are at a suitable distance. Then, lower your level by bending your knees and hunch at your waist, ready to make a move.

Securing the Legs and Executing the Takedown

Dash forward swiftly, extending your arms to encircle your opponent's legs tightly. Drive through them, using your shoulder against their waist. Extend your legs, push off the floor to force them off their feet. Finish by landing in a dominant top position.

How To Defend

Maintain a strong upright stance, use your hands to distance your body and control their head movement. If they manage to hold your legs, sprawl immediately to prevent the takedown.

How To Counter

One effective counter is sprawling, where you throw your legs back and distribute your weight downward to hinder their takedown. Another way is to utilize guillotine choke when they lean for the takedown.

When To Use

The double leg takedown can be employed when you want to move the fight to the ground, particularly if you have an advantage in ground fighting. Its usage is most prevalent when the opponent is very defensive or has a superior striking game.

Mastering this move requires understanding timing, perfecting the technique, and adequate practice. It will also develop your core strength, agility, and speed.

Despite being a basic move, the double leg takedown has proved its effectiveness in high-level competitions. Mastery of this technique can give you an edge in both BJJ and mixed martial arts.

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