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: Single Leg Takedown

The Single Leg Takedown is a quintessential technique in the universe of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Predominantly known as a backbone of wrestling, it has been adapted and refined in BJJ to maximize efficiency on the mat. Improving one's ability to execute or defend against a Single Leg Takedown can significantly enhance competitive prowess in the sport.


Begin by grappling with your opponent. Lower your level and penetrate with your lead leg, positioning it in between your opponent's legs while keeping your lead arm on the outside.

Execute the Takedown

From here, swiftly use your lead arm to scoop the leg of your opponent, keeping it secure to your chest. Maintain your stance and drive forward, using your other hand for balance and control. The aim is to off-balance your opponent and bring them down to the mat.

How To Defend

Defending against the Single Leg Takedown involves maintaining a keen sense of balance and leverage. As your opponent attempts the takedown, use your hands to control their head and upper body, pushing it downwards. Simultaneously, shift your weight and attempt to pull your leg free.

How To Counter

To counter the Single Leg Takedown, try to establish a strong base and maintain your balance. As your opponent reaches in to scoop up your leg, use your free leg to step over and trap their head, swiftly transitioning into a guillotine choke.

When To Use

In competition, the Single Leg Takedown may be used when an opponent is heavily defending their upper body, leaving their legs exposed. It's a great way to establish control and bring an upright bout to the ground, especially in BJJ where groundwork is critical.

Mastering this technique requires consistent practice and seamless motion, it’s effective when you maneuver your opponents by making them guessing and giving yourself an advantage through unexpected moves.

In conclusion, the Single Leg Takedown is an effective, versatile move that allows you to manipulate your opponent's movements and force them to the ground. Mastery of this skill can significantly improve your overall strategy in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition setting.

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