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: Scissor Sweep

Scissor Sweep is a fundamental technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), categorized under the Throws/Sweeps division. This technique is an excellent option to reverse a dominating position when one is on their back, particularly in the full guard position. The name is derived from the scissor-like motion made by the practitioner's legs while executing the move.

Establish Full Guard

Start from a closed or full guard position, where you are on your back with your legs wrapped around your opponent's torso. Make sure you have a high guard, meaning your hips are close to your opponent's armpits.

Grip and Position

With your left hand, grab your opponent's right sleeve at the wrist, and grab the opponent's opposite lapel with your right hand. Meanwhile, position your left foot on your adversary's hip, with the shin perpendicular to their body.

Execute the Sweep

Push your left foot against your opponent's hip, simultaneously pulling on the lapel and sleeve. Quickly swing your right leg in a downward arc, creating a 'scissoring' motion with your legs to sweep your opponent.

How To Defend

To defend against the Scissor Sweep, one must ensure maintaining a high posture to avoid getting pulled down and off-balanced. Distributing your weight evenly and preventing the grip on your sleeve effectively hampers the execution of the sweep.

How To Counter

A counter to the Scissor Sweep is posturing up and maintaining a strong base to prevent the opponent from successfully off-balancing. One might also attempt a knee slide pass to move past the sweeping leg and achieve a dominant position.

When To Use

In competition, the Scissor Sweep may be an advantageous technique when a practitioner finds themselves on their back in a full guard position. The move allows them to reverse the positional dominance, potentially landing in the mount or on top in the opponent's guard. The sweep is particularly efficient due to its surprise factor and ability to disrupt the opponent's balance swiftly.

Mastering the Scissor Sweep requires not just understanding the steps but also timing, dexterity, and the ability to manipulate an opponent's balance and movement efficiently. Controlled breathing and strength training will contribute to the refinement of this technique.

The Scissor Sweep is a fundamental technique in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu arsenal, with its effectiveness hinging on timing and technical correctness. Practice, like all martial arts techniques, is essential to mastering this sweep.

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