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The Cross, a standard yet fundamental technique in the discipline of Boxing, is a powerful punch thrown with the dominant hand. It's also called a 'straight' or 'right' (in case of orthodox stance), and forms the backbone of a quality boxing skillset. Effective delivery of a Cross can bring about game-changing effects in a match.

Start Position

Assume a standard boxing stance. Weight equally distributed on both feet, dominant hand at the back ready for the punch.

Executing the Punch

Turn your back foot and drive your body forward to add power to your punch. At the same time, throw your dominant hand straight towards the target. Ensure your chin is tucked and protected by your shoulder. After the punch, quickly retract your hand back to the defensive position.

How To Defend

Defense against a cross mainly involves head movement. You can either slip, bob, sway or duck under the cross. Blocking with the opposite hand while one hand is up to guard your chin is another familiar boxing defense.

How To Counter

The cross can be countered by deflecting the punch using a parry, followed by a counterpunch. Alternatively, you can subtly step back to let the opponent's punch fall short and immediately launch a counter-attack when they are off-balance and exposed.

When To Use

The Cross is a classic boxing technique, used frequently in competition. It's often used after a jab to unbalance opponents or as a lead punch to initiate a combo. Also, it's a go-to technique when the opponent is at a mid to long range.

Remember, efficiency in executing and defending against a cross comes from practice. Work on precision and power, but also speed in retracting the punch - a slow pullback can leave you exposed.

Understanding, perfecting and knowing when to throw a Cross can significantly upgrade your boxing game. It can be a powerful weapon in both attack and defense.

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