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: Uppercut

An Uppercut is a powerful and strategic punch used in Boxing. This technique involves a compact and sharp upward swing towards the opponent, aiming typically at the chin or the body. Mastering the correct form and timing can make this technique a game-changer in defenses as well as attacks.

Stand in the Correct Stance

Position your feet shoulder-width apart, with your dominant foot slightly behind. Keep your knees slightly bent, and your fists closed in front of you, guarding your face.

Swing the Punch

Rotate your torso and hips, and bend your knees in the direction of the punch. Swing your rear hand upwards in a curved path towards your opponent, keeping your palm facing you. Ensure your other hand remains up guarding your face.

How To Defend

Anticipate the punch and step back to let the uppercut fall short. Always keep your guard up, and try to deflect the punch if possible.

How To Counter

A swift lateral move or stepping back can help avoid an uppercut. Then, exploit the opponent’s open defense by quickly engaging with your counter-attack.

When To Use

The uppercut is a strategic technique. It can be used in competition either to penetrate the opponent’s guard when they are defending heavily or as a surprise attack aiming for the body or chin. The force it carries has the potential to knock an opponent off balance.

The strength of an uppercut comes more from the twist of your body than the arm swing. So, it is vital to engage your core and legs to deliver a powerful punch.

The Uppercut is a potent technique that requires great precision and timing. A well-mastered uppercut can give one an advantage during fights, and its execution can make or break a competition.

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