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: Diagonal Knee Strike (Khao Chiang)

The Diagonal Knee Strike or Khao Chiang is a decisive, powerful technique in the martial art of Muay Thai. Derived from ancient battlefields, this skill involves a combination of power, balance, and timing. It requires significant leg strength and can result in severe damage if executed correctly.

Balancing the Body

Stand in the standard Muay Thai stance - one foot slightly ahead of the other. Start by shifting your weight onto your back foot.

Executing the Knee Strike

Lift the knee of your front leg and thrust it forward and upwards towards your opponent, maintaining a diagonal trajectory. Keep the other foot grounded for balance.

How To Defend

To defend against the Diagonal Knee Strike, positioning is key. Keep a controlled distance from the attacker, raise your leg to block the knee or try to catch their leg during the strike.

How To Counter

The best way to counter a Diagonal Knee Strike is to retreat swiftly or pivot sideways, creating distance between you and the opponent, then aim a mid or low kick at their supporting leg.

When To Use

The Diagonal Knee Strike is often used in competition when an opponent is close and unprotected. It's a highly effective technique for causing considerable damage, especially if the opponent's guard is down.

While executing this move, protect your head by raising the opposite arm as a guard, alongside your other hand positioned in front of you.

The Diagonal Knee Strike is a lethal, damage-inflicting move requiring leg strength, body balance, and superior timing. Effective usage in close combat can result in significant advantage in a Muay Thai match.

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