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: Double Unders Clinch

The Double Unders Clinch is a potent and commonly used clinching technique in Muay Thai. It involves getting under the opponent's arms, securing a grip around their body. This dominant position is highly advantageous as it restricts the opponent's movements while positioning you to execute offensive strikes.

Closing the Distance

Start by closing the distance between you and the opponent. Ensure you maintain your guard as you step forward to prevent any incoming strikes.

Securing the Grip

Once in range, swiftly move under the opponent's arms to secure a grip around their body. Position your hands on the small of their back, and pull them in closer to limit their movement.

Executing Offensive Strikes

With the opponent's movements restricted, you're in the perfect position to execute offensive strikes. These could range from knee strikes to the abdomen or thighs.

How To Defend

Defending against the Double Unders Clinch involves actively preventing your opponent from closing the distance and securing their grip. This can be done through a combination of footwork, body movements, and use of long-range strikes.

How To Counter

To counter the Double Unders Clinch, you can disrupt your opponent's balance by shifting your weight or leveraging foot sweeps. Another effective strategy is pummeling, where you work an arm back inside the clinch, breaking your opponent's hold.

When To Use

The Double Unders Clinch is frequently utilized in Muay Thai competition due to its effectiveness at controlling the opponent and providing numerous offensive opportunities. This clinching technique is particularly beneficial when facing a taller opponent, as it neutralizes their reach advantage.

It is crucial to develop a strong sense of balance and strengthen your core muscles for maintaining and controlling the clinch. Always remember, the better your position, the more options you have.

Mastering the Double Unders Clinch can drastically enhance your clinching game in Muay Thai. However, like all techniques, it requires consistent practice to execute effectively and smoothly in a fight.

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