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: Flying Knee Strike (Khao Loi)

The Flying Knee Strike, or 'Khao Loi,' is a high-risk, high-reward technique often seen in Muay Thai competitions. This move involves the user jumping and thrusting one knee forward towards the opponent's head or body. Although it requires precise timing and target identification, it can deliver a mighty blow when executed correctly.

Prepare for the Strike

Begin in a balanced stance with your fists at your chin for protection. Gauge your distance from the opponent and make sure you're close enough to reach them with your knee.

Execute the Jump and Strike

Explosively leap from the ground, directing your body weight forward. Your rear knee should shoot up and thrust forward, aiming to target your opponent's body or face. Simultaneously throw your hips forward to maximize power and reach. Always remember to keep your hands up for protection during execution.

How To Defend

The best defense against a Flying Knee Strike is to keep a distance or corner the offensive player so they don't get a chance for a run-up. Maintain an upright position and keep your hands high to protect the face.

How To Counter

To counter the Flying Knee Strike, step back out of range as your opponent jumps in. As they land, counter-attack with a quick low kick or straight punch.

When To Use

The Flying Knee Strike is used in competition when the gap between the fighters is closed, and there is an opportunity for a surprising attack. It is usually employed to catch the opponent off guard and potentially initiate a knockout.

Keep in mind that any flying technique involves a degree of risk, as bad execution or timing can leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks.

The Flying Knee Strike, while flashy and potentially devastating, is a technique that should be used with discretion. It requires practice and precision, but its effectiveness in dealing damage and surprising your opponent is undeniable.

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