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: Horizontal Knee Strike (Khao Tat)

The Horizontal Knee Strike (Khao Tat) is a proficient technique integral to the martial art discipline of Muay Thai. This move primarily focuses on utilizing the knee as a striking tool to incapacitate the opponent. Acquiring mastery over this technique not only bolsters offense but greatly contributes to an overall understanding of the dynamics in Muay Thai.

Stance and Balance

Start by adopting a basic Muay Thai stance. Ensure your body weight is evenly distributed between both feet. Balance is crucial when planning to execute a Horizontal Knee Strike.


To execute, launch off your back foot and drive your hip forward. Swing the striking knee across your body, making sure to keep it bent. The aim is to hit with the 'point' of the knee - the area slightly above the knee cap.

How To Defend

Proper blocking stance with the shin or simply stepping back to evade can effectively defend against a Horizontal Knee Strike. Awareness and speed are crucial factors.

How To Counter

To counter this move, one might step back out of range as the opponent initiates the strike, leaving them open for a counterattack. Another method would be to jam the strike by stepping in, effectively killing the attacker's momentum.

When To Use

In competition, this can be used when an opponent is within close range and cannot escape sideward due to some limitation like being against the ropes or at the corner. It's a powerful move that can cause severe damage if landed correctly.

Practicing this move on a heavy bag is advised to develop the necessary power and precision.

Perfecting this technique requires great understanding of timing, accuracy and force. With consistent practice, the Horizontal Knee Strike can become a formidable weapon in your Muay Thai arsenal.

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