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The Inside Trip, or "Ouchi Gari" as it may be known in Judo, is a highly effective throw in the world of Muay Thai, specifically in the Throws/Sweeps category. Though primarily a grappling technique in Judo, it has been adapted in striking arts like Muay Thai to disrupt an opponent's balance and establish ground control.

Establish a Firm Clinch

Jockey for position and establish a strong Muay Thai clinch. You want to control your opponent's head and overall movement.

Sweep the Inside Leg

From the clinch, use your leg to sweep or 'trip' the inside leg of your opponent while off-balancing them with a jerk from the clinch. Timing and precision are crucial here.

Follow Through

As you complete the trip, drive your body weight into the opponent and follow them to the ground, maintaining control.

How To Defend

Using defensive clinch work can prevent the Inside Trip from being initiated. Learning to read your opponent's movement will help you anticipate this move.

How To Counter

Defending against the Inside Trip involves having a strong base and resisting the clinch. Timing a hit as they attempt the throw can also interrupt them, throwing them off balance instead.

When To Use

The Inside Trip is often used in competition during clinch work to take an opponent to the ground. This technique accomplishes two things: disturbing the opponent's balance and gaining an advantageous ground position for follow up strikes or submissions.

Mastering this Muay Thai technique requires proficiency in clinching and leg sweeps, which are essential skills in many martial arts.

In conclusion, the Inside Trip is a versatile and useful technique for fighters seeking to expand their arsenal of throws and sweeps. Practice under professional guidance to ensure safety and accuracy.

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