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The jab is a fundamental and paramount technique in the discipline of Boxing. It is an essential skill that sets up various other punches and combos in the boxer's arsenal. It serves as both offensive and defensive tool, and learning to deliver a quick and powerful jab is crucial to becoming a skilled boxer.

Stance and guard

Stand with your left shoulder pointing towards your target, right foot back and knees slightly bent. Ensure your fists are up, guarding your face, with your left fist in front of your right.

Execution of the punch

Extend your lead arm out towards your opponent, rotating your arm so that your punch lands with your palm downwards. Quickly retract your arm back to its original position. This should be a fast, direct punch.

How To Defend

Keep your right hand up to guard your face while your left is jabbing. Move around to make yourself a moving target and harder to hit.

How To Counter

A classic counter to the jab is called the slip, where you slightly move your head to the right, letting the jab miss and setting you up for a counter jab.

When To Use

The jab is often used in competition to gauge distance, disrupt your opponent's rhythm, or set up more powerful punches and combinations. It's also a great defensive move to keep your opponent at bay.

Though basic, the perfect execution of this technique demands consistent practice. Jabs should be fast and not telegraphed.

In conclusion, the jab is a fundamental technique in boxing. A well-landed jab can disrupt opponents, create openings, and even be a potent weapon in its own right.

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