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The Comprehensive List Of Muay Thai Techniques

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Muay Thai Techniques (covering both Beginner & Advanced concepts). Below, we will delve into the intricate world of Muay Thai, a combat sport that originated in Thailand, mastered over hundreds of years. This martial art form, also known as 'the art of eight limbs', utilizes the body to mimic the movements of warfare - fists, elbows, knees, and shins; thus making it both unique and formidable.

The list is categorized into various sections such as elbow techniques, punching techniques, and more. Each technique is accompanied by a brief description suggesting the level of expertise required, the effectiveness, and the execution. Furthermore, each listing is linked to more in-depth information to provide you with a thorough understanding of what's involved.

Whether you are a beginner just stepping into the ring, an advanced practitioner of Muay Thai looking to brush up on your technique, or just an enthusiast wanting to learn more about this fascinating martial art, this guide will serve as a valuable resource. The techniques mentioned in this guide can help improve fitness levels, self-defense skills, and potentially open up a pathway to compete professionally.

It is important to remember that learning Muay Thai, like any martial art, requires patience, discipline, and constant practice. Always ensure that these techniques are practiced in a safe environment, under expert supervision, when starting out. It must be remembered that the purpose of learning martial arts is not just to induce harm but to foster self-discipline, respect, and overall fitness.

Now, let's dive right into the riveting world of Muay Thai techniques.


Delve into our Clinches section and learn more about this fundamental and strategic part of MMA. Find professional tips, exclusive tutorials and effective techniques for successful clinches. Expand your fighting prowess with our helpful resources!

Standard Thai Plum/Clinch

The Standard Thai Plum or Clinch, a key technique for controlling an opponent in Muay Thai, requires leverage, strength, and precision to execute effectively.

Single Collar Tie

Master the Single Collar Tie in Muay Thai and enhance your clinch control, set up superior strikes, and improve your overall ring-craft. It's a versatile technique that every Muay Thai practitioner should have in their arsenal.

Over/Under Clinch

A strategic cornerstone in Muay Thai, the Over/Under Clinch dominates the opponent by causing imbalance and setting up robust offensive strikes.

Double Unders Clinch

The Double Unders Clinch is a dominant clinch in Muay Thai, where the practitioner secures a grip under the opponent's arms, controlling their movements and setting up offensive strikes.


Discover a treasure trove of tactics in our Defenses section. This category comprises articles, player narratives, and video demonstrations on how to effectively protect yourself in an MMA fight. Master the essentials and beyond with this essential defensive know-how.

Slip (Tub)

Explore the Muay Thai Slip (Tub), its subtle execution, and the tactical advantage it provides in keeping your defense sturdy, while preparing for potent counter-strikes.

Block (Tok)

Learn to execute the Block (Tok) defensive technique in Muay Thai. Protect yourself effectively and create opportunities to strike back with this fundamental move.

Parry (Tang)

In Muay Thai, the Parry (Tang) is an essential defensive move aimed at redirecting an opponent's strike, opening up opportunities for swift counter-attacks.


Our Elbows section provides useful insights into performing these powerful, close-quarter strikes efficiently. The detailed guides with professional advice and demonstrations bring the nuances of elbow techniques in MMA to the surface. Enhance your knowledge and skill-set with a deep dive into this category.

Reverse Horizontal Elbow (Sok Wiang Glub)

The Reverse Horizontal Elbow (Sok Wiang Glub) is a deceiving yet powerful elbow strike in Muay Thai known for its swift execution and unpredictability.

Elbow Slash (Sok Hud)

The Sok Hud or Elbow Slash is an indispensable technique in the Muay Thai discipline known for its potential to disrupt an opponent's defense in encounters too close for punches and kicks.

Spinning Elbow (Sok Glub)

The Spinning Elbow (Sok Glub) is a powerful, unpredictable strike in Muay Thai. This move targets the opponent's head or chest, requires precision, balance, timing, and understanding of distance and angles.

Diagonal Elbow (Sok Chieng)

The Sok Chieng, or Diagonal Elbow, is a powerful Muay Thai technique that can deal serious damage in a close-range situation. Learn the mechanics of this stealthy strike, its defense, and counters in this comprehensive guide.

Downward Elbow Chop (Sok Tong)

A guide to mastering the Downward Elbow Chop or Sok Tong, a crucial strike in Muay Thai combat, with key details on executing, countering, and defending against the move.


In our Kicks category, find a rich array of material on kicking techniques in MMA. Learn from professional fighters and trainers through our compilation of tips, guides and video tutorials. Enhance your striking ability and gain the upper hand in your matches.

Slapping Foot Jab (Thip Top)

The Thip Top, also known as Slapping Foot Jab, is a widely-used technique in Muay Thai, where the fighter uses the inner part of the foot to apply a slapping pressure to the opponent, while maintaining their distance.

Spinning Heel Kick (Te Klap Lang)

The Spinning Heel Kick, or Te Klap Lang, is an advanced Muay Thai technique involving a powerful roundhouse kick performed with a 360-degree spin. Used correctly, it can overtake opponents with its speed, force, and unpredictability.

Jumping Push Kick (Kradot Thip)

Learn how to execute the dazzling Jumping Push Kick in Muay Thai, a move that combines strength, precision and showmanship

Side Kick (Te Tad)

The Muay Thai Side Kick (Te Tad) is a versatile and powerful kicking technique. Its execution requires balance and precision, while its defense calls for correct body positioning and blocking techniques.

Straight Kick (Te Trong)

May Thai's Straight Kick (Te Trong) is a powerful, straight-line kick. Its versatility in offense and defense makes it an essential tool in a Muay Thai fighter's arsenal.

Axe Kick (Te Khao)

The Te Khao or Axe Kick is a challenging but powerful technique in Muay Thai, involving a high-arching foot followed by a rapid descent onto the opponent, mimicking the motion of an axe.

Question Mark Kick

The Question Mark Kick is a unique, captivating move in Muay Thai - primarily designed to surprise and score on guarded, watchful opponents. Through deceptive movement and precise execution, a martial artist can deliver powerful high kicks that their opponents never see coming.

Roundhouse Kick (Tae Tad)

Learn the martial arts technique of the Roundhouse Kick (Tae Tad) in Muay Thai. From the initial stance to recovery, this in-depth guide offers comprehensive steps to execute and counter this powerful kick.


Uncover the art and science of applying powerful knee strikes in our Knees section. Dive into an array of content covering tutorials, professional advice and practical demonstrations. Browse this section to fortify your standing game and add devastating knee strikes to your repertoire.

Diagonal Knee Strike (Khao Chiang)

Learn how to execute and defend against the Diagonal Knee Strike (Khao Chiang), a powerful technique in the Muay Thai discipline, often used in close combat situations.

Curving Knee Strike (Khao Khong)

The Curving Knee Strike or 'Khao Khong' is a powerful Muay Thai technique, used effectively within close quarters. Its mastery offers practitioners a significant strategic tool, adding dynamism to their fighting style.

Flying Knee Strike (Khao Loi)

Master the high-risk, high-reward Flying Knee Strike or 'Khao Loi' used in Muay Thai competitions for powerful and unexpected attacks.

Horizontal Knee Strike (Khao Tat)

The Horizontal Knee Strike or Khao Tat is a powerful offensive move in the Muay Thai discipline used to deal significant damage to an opponent within close-range.

Knee Bomb (Khao Yao)

The Khao Yao, commonly referred to as the 'Knee Bomb', is a powerful knee strike in Muay Thai. This technique requires precision timing, agility, and powerful hip thrusts to successfully target the opponent's midsection.

Straight Knee Strike (Khao Trong)

Learn how to execute the formidable Straight Knee Strike (Khao Trong) from Muay Thai. This detailed guide covers the process, defensive strategies and competition advantage offered by this powerful knee technique.


Deep-dive into our Punches section for a complete guide on punching techniques in MMA, straight from the professionals. Master the art of delivering powerful, fight-altering blows guided by our curated content of tutorials, tips and detailed demonstrations.


Dive into our Throws/Sweeps category to master transitions from standing to ground positions. Explore this fundamental part of MMA with our various guides, tutorials, and professional advice. Elevate your fighting techniques and tactics as you explore this comprehensive collection.

The Dump

The Dump, a sophisticated throw/sweep move from Muay Thai, is designed to unbalance and hurl opponents. This in-depth explanation covers steps to execute, counter and defend this move.

Hip Throw

The Muay Thai Hip Throw, a powerful sweeping technique, requires perfect timing, a strong grip, and an understanding of the opponent's balance.

Inside Trip

The Inside Trip, a throw in Muay Thai, is a tool for effectively disrupting opponent's balance and controlling the ground. Learn to implement this technique for a more diverse combat skillset.

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