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: Standard Thai Plum/Clinch

The Standard Thai Plum or Clinch is a fundamental grappling technique in Muay Thai, utilized to control an opponent's posture and leading to several offensive options such as knee strikes and elbows. It requires mastery of balance, power, and precision to be efficiently executed and can turn the tide of a bout when applied skillfully.

Establishing the Grip

Start by closing in on your opponent. Extend your arms, and as you get close, wrap your hands around the back of their head. Your forearms should be parallel to each other, and your hands locked together at your opponent's neck.

Maintaining Pressure

Keep your elbows bent and pulled inwards to maintain pressure on the opponent's neck. Your head should be close to your opponent's to prevent them from using their own strikes. At the same time, position your hips close to your opponent's to gain better control.

How To Defend

To defend against the Standard Thai Plum/Clinch, use your hands to control your opponent's biceps and create space. Alternatively, you may reposition yourself to the side to nullify the pressure and avoid direct knee strikes.

How To Counter

The best way to counter the Plum/Clinch in Muay Thai is by breaking the grip either using a wrist control or by applying a downward elbow strike to the forearm of the opponent. Posturing up and maintaining a straight back will also help reduce the effectiveness of the clinch.

When To Use

In competition, the Standard Thai Plum/Clinch can be used effectively when the fighters are in close-range combat, limiting the opponent's mobility and setting them up for knee strikes and elbows. This technique is particularly useful to dominate the struggle for control, upset the opponent's balance, and facilitate a takedown.

The clinch should be practiced repetitively with a partner to master the strength and precision required. It's also essential to understanding how to transition from a clinch into different offensive positions.

Mastering the Standard Thai Plum/Clinch could give you a significant advantage in close-range combat in Muay Thai. Remember to practice consistently, maintain balance, keep the pressure, and set up your strikes effectively.

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