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: Downward Elbow Chop (Sok Tong)

The Downward Elbow Chop, or Sok Tong, is a powerful, deadly strike in the martial art discipline of Muay Thai. It uses the force of gravity and the hardness of the elbow to deliver a devastating blow. This technique can be used as both an attack and a counterattack against opponents. While technical and challenging, mastering this move can give Muay Thai fighters a great advantage in combat.

Start in Fight Stance

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your fists guarding your face. In Muay Thai, the left foot is usually set slightly forward.

Raise the Elbow

Raise the arm of the elbow you intend to strike with. The elbow should be brought up so that it is level with your forehead.

Execute the Downward Elbow Chop

Bring your elbow down in a fast, slicing motion as if you're chopping through your opponent's guard or body. Aim the point of your elbow at your target.

How To Defend

To defend against the Sok Tong, try to maintain your distance and use kicks to keep your opponent at bay. If the elbow chop is coming, block with your arm and counter swiftly.

How To Counter

Dodging the strike by leaning back or stepping out to the side and countering with a mid or low kick can be effective. Always remember to guard your face and body when your opponent attempts this move.

When To Use

In competition, the Downward Elbow Chop can be used when the opponent's guard is high and leaves the body exposed, or when you're in close quarters combat. The move is fast and impactful, capable of causing severe damage even through the guard.

Note that the Downward Elbow Chop, while effective, should be used wisely. Over-reliance on it, or improper usage can leave you vulnerable to fast counters.

Mastering the Downward Elbow Chop can elevate a fighter's game in Muay Thai, providing a fast, powerful, and surprising blow to opponents. Practice with care, as the technique's powerful nature can cause injury if not performed correctly.

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