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: Elbow Slash (Sok Hud)

The Elbow Slash, also known as 'Sok Hud' in Muay Thai, is an essential strike that leverages the power of one's elbow. This eminent technique is known for its destructive potency and its ability to breach an opponent's defense in close quarters. It is often utilized when the combatants get too close to each other for punches and kicks to be effective.


Begin in your orthodox Muay Thai stance. Keep your hands up and elbows tucked in close to your body.


Rotate your shoulders and hips while simultaneously swinging your elbow across your body. Aim to strike your opponent's face or neck with the point of your elbow.

Follow Through

Remember to follow through with the strike. This means continuing the motion of your elbow slice even after making contact with your opponent, maximizing the damage inflicted.

How To Defend

The most effective way to defend against the Elbow Slash is by keeping a safe range from your opponent to avoid getting hit. If unavoidable, raise your guard up high protecting your face and the sides of your head.

How To Counter

One can counteract the Elbow Slash by maintaining distance from the opponent, and using push kicks or long guards to keep them away. Another option is to use precise timing to sidestep the strike and counter with punches or kicks.

When To Use

In competitions, the Elbow Slash (Sok Hud) becomes a practical tool when fighters are in a clinch or in close-range battles where there's insufficient room for kicks or punches. By employing this technique, fighters can break through the opponent's defenses and deliver potential fight-ending blows.

Like with other techniques, the effectiveness of these elbow strikes depends on the fighter's accuracy, timing and the ability to swiftly transition from defense to attack.

Mastering the Elbow Slash requires a good understanding of distance and timing. It is a lethal weapon in a Muay Thai fighter's arsenal due to its ability to create substantial damage even in close range. Remember to practice caution while executing this technique to prevent causing unintended injuries.

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