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: Forward Thrust Elbow (Sok Phung)

In the distinguished discipline of Muay Thai, one unmistakable technique is the Forward Thrust Elbow, or 'Sok Phung'. This elbow strike is utilized primarily at a close distance to the opponent and is considered as an offensive move aimed at causing significant impact and potential knockout. The effectiveness of 'Sok Phung' lies not just in its power, but also in the speed and surprise factor it brings during combat.

Starting Position

Stand in your Muay Thai fighting stance. Your feet should be around shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other.


Thrust your elbow forward towards your opponent while keeping your hand close to your chest. The contact point should be the tip of your elbow. Visualize cutting through your opponent with your elbow as you execute the strike.

How To Defend

The most effective defense against the Forward Thrust Elbow is either to step back out of range or to use a well-timed block with your arm or guard with both hands. It is crucial to respond instantly, due to the quickness of this strike.

How To Counter

The best counter to the Forward Thrust Elbow is backing off to escape its range and then counter with a swift jab or powerful cross.

When To Use

The Forward Thrust Elbow is typically used in Muay Thai when you and your opponent are in close-quarter combat or clinching. It is especially effective due to its ability to reach an opponent who is defending with high guards as it can slip through the opponent's guard and hit face or chest. This technique is also used when an opponent is aggressive and moving forward, enabling a surprise counter-attack.

The 'Sok Phung' is best combined with other techniques, such as punches or knee strikes, in order to confuse the opponent and open up opportunities for this powerful elbow strike.

In conclusion, the Forward Thrust Elbow, a formidable technique in Muay Thai, is an effective close-range offensive move. It combines speed, surprise, and power, which can be a game changer during combat. However, mastery of 'Sok Phung' requires a mix of perfect timing, spatial awareness, and precise execution.

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