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: Spinning Elbow (Sok Glub)

The Spinning Elbow, also known as Sok Glub, is a powerful and unpredictable offensive technique in the Muay Thai discipline. It involves a quick, spinning motion to deliver a sudden elbow strike that can catch an opponent off-guard. Mastering the Spinning Elbow requires precision, balance, and timing, as well as a good understanding of distance and angles.

Position and Preparation

Start in your basic standing fight position, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your fists to guard your face. This move requires a quick, twisting momentum, so prepare for a 360-degree spin.

Executing the Strike

Twist your body quickly in one direction while simultaneously extending your elbow outward. Your elbow should be aiming directly at your opponent, targeting their head or chest. Remember to keep your other hand up to guard your face during the spin, to defend against potential strikes.

How To Defend

Defending against the Spinning Elbow involves staying alert and being aware of the upcoming strike. Block with your arms, aim to step back out of range, or interrupt the move with a quick strike before your opponent completes their spin.

How To Counter

The most effective way to counter the Spinning Elbow is to maintain distance and time your strikes well. As the opponent begins to spin, take a step back then quickly step in to land a counterstrike as they complete their movement.

When To Use

In competition, the Spinning Elbow is usually used as a surprise attack, given its high risk and unpredictable nature. However, if executed properly, it can result in a knockout. It is typically used when the opponent is executing a move that leaves them off balance or in close proximity.

Safety first! Be sure to practice this move under professional supervision to avoid injury. It is recommended that you become comfortable with fundamental techniques and movements before attempting the Spinning Elbow.

Mastering the Spinning Elbow can add a highly potent technique to your Muay Thai arsenal. Remember, practice makes perfect, and always prioritize technique and control before power.

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