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: Jumping Push Kick (Kradot Thip)

The Jumping Push Kick, known in Muay Thai as the Kradot Thip, is a high-level technique, requiring precision, timing, and above all, balance. This airborne kick serves both as a stunning offense and quick defense, pushing opponents at a distance while offering a spectacle for spectators.

Start in a Proper Stance

Start from the orthodox stance with hands up high for protection. Both of your feet need to be approximately shoulder-width apart and your weight slightly leaning to the back.

Jump and Kick

Spring up from your back foot, whilst simultaneously using the momentum to push your other leg forward into a kick. As the name suggests, it's a pushing motion, not a snap kick, extending your foot through the target.

Retreat and Reset

After executing the kick, retract your kicking leg, land back on your feet, and immediately return to your initial stance.

How To Defend

Defense against a Jumping Push Kick involves blocking with the raised knee on the same side as the incoming kick, or evading by moving out of the kick's trajectory.

How To Counter

The best counter to a Jumping Push Kick is to step out of range while the opponent is in mid-flight, leaving them potentially unbalanced upon landing. A well timed sweep can also work if you can get under the kicking leg.

When To Use

The Jumping Push Kick is most effective when needing to create distance from the opponent or push them into a corner. It's also a great surprise move, as it can be executed suddenly from a seemingly defensive stance. In competition, it's used to entertain the crowd and earn points from judges due to its higher difficulty level.

This technique requires a good amount of core strength and balance. Practicing standard teeps and jumps separately before combining them can greatly aid beginners in learning this kick.

The Jumping Push Kick or Kradot Thip is a powerful offensive and defensive technique in Muay Thai. Though it requires skill and practice, mastering it can provide a significant advantage in controlling the ring and outclassing opponents.

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