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: Question Mark Kick

The Question Mark Kick, also known as Brazilian Kick in Muay Thai, is a secretive and deceptive technique that is primarily used to throw off opponents due to its unpredictable nature. Not only is this move an effective striking technique, it also serves as an excellent feinting move, making your opponent second guess your next move. Mastering this kick requires blend of agility, precision, and timing.

Preset the Kick

Start off in your fighting stance. Lift your knee as if you were going to perform a front kick. This will ultimately act as a feinting movement.

Transition to Roundhouse

Instead of executing a front kick, quickly transition your body direction and extend your leg in a trajectory similar to that of a roundhouse kick. This sudden transition from one kick to the other is what gives the Question Mark Kick its surprise factor.

How To Defend

Defending against the Question Mark Kick requires a good command of blocking techniques. One can use a high guard block to absorb the impact, or perform a check by raising the shin to defend against the high kick. However, anticipation and quick reaction time are crucial in executing these defenses.

How To Counter

The most effective way to counter a Question Mark Kick is by staying alert and observing your opponent's body movement. If you spot the transition from a front to a roundhouse kick, quickly move out of attack range or use a well-timed push kick to disrupt your opponent's balance.

When To Use

In competition, the Question Mark Kick can be used to surprise and confuse opponents, making them unsure of what to expect. It is particularly effective when used in a sequence of recurring front kicks - the change in pattern can catch the opponent off guard. This move might be used to score points in matches where opponents are wary and defensive.

Despite being an effective combative technique, the Question Mark Kick demands a great amount of flexibility and agility, hence proper warm ups and regular stretching are crucial to execute it effectively.

Mastering the Question Mark Kick not only adds an unpredictable and effective move to one's arsenal, but it also helps in honing deception skills, which can give one an upper hand in a competition.

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