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: Roundhouse Kick (Tae Tad)

The Roundhouse Kick, also known as 'Tae Tad' in Muay Thai, is a core kicking technique used in this discipline. This type of kick utilizes the rotation of the entire body to generate power and is typically aimed at the opponent's head, body, or legs. Being one of the most powerful kicks in martial arts, a well-executed Roundhouse Kick can be a game-changer.

Initial Stance

Start in a basic Muay Thai stance. Feet shoulder-width apart, hands up protecting the head, elbows slightly bent, and weight evenly distributed between both feet.

Rotation and Targeting

Rotate your rear foot and hip forward while simultaneously swinging your rear hand down (for counterbalance) and aiming your kick. Your shin, not the foot, should be what hits your target.

Execution of the Kick

Extend your leg as you kick, maintaining the rotation of your body. The power of the kick comes from the hip rotation, not merely the extension of the leg.


Once the kick has landed, quickly retract your leg and return to your initial stance, ready to defend or deliver another strike.

How To Defend

In defense against a Roundhouse Kick, raising your leg to 'check' the kick, or moving out of the kick's range can be effective. Another technique is to rush towards the opponent as they're kicking to close the distance, reducing the impact.

How To Counter

To counter a Roundhouse Kick, one can use a technique called 'checking'. It involves lifting your own shin to block the kick. Alternatively, a well-timed sidestep can dodge the kick completely, leaving the opponent vulnerable.

When To Use

In competition, the Roundhouse Kick is used due to its impressive power and versatility. It can be aimed at various levels of the opponent's body to affect their stability, or deliver a powerful blow to score points. It's used when an opening in the opponent's defense is seen, or as a counterattack.

It's crucial to remember that practice and flexibility are key in executing this kick effectively. Training with a heavy bag can help improve the power and accuracy of your Roundhouse Kick.

The Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick is a fundamental technique, celebrated for its raw power and efficacy. Because of its potential to massively shift the dynamics of a fight, it's a skill every practitioner should dedicate significant time to mastering.

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