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: Spinning Heel Kick (Te Klap Lang)

The Spinning Heel Kick, also known as Te Klap Lang in Muay Thai, is an advanced attacking technique involving a 360-degree spin before the execution of a high kick. This move, although challenging, can be a powerful weapon in combat as it catches the opponent off guard with its unique combination of speed, force, and unpredictability.

Preparation Position

Start in a basic offensive stance. Feet shoulder-width apart, hands up protecting the face. The initial position is significant as it prepares the body for the 360-degree spinning action.

Execution and Follow Through

Turn your body away from your opponent while pivoting on your lead foot. As you spin, raise your other leg and perform a high kick using the heel towards your opponent's head or upper body. Remember, the force of your kick comes from the torque of your spin, not just your leg.

How To Defend

The most effective way to defend against this kick is through early anticipation and maintaining a good defensive position. As soon as you see your opponent start to spin, either step back to get out of the kick's range or step in to reduce its effective power.

How To Counter

The best way to counter a Spinning Heel Kick is by stepping in closer to your opponent as they start their spin. This action will disrupt their balance and leave them vulnerable to counter strikes.

When To Use

The Spinning Heel Kick is often used in competitions where a fighter might need a game-changing move. The surprise element, along with the significant damage it can inflict, makes it a potent technique when used at the right moment.

Although powerful, a Spinning Heel Kick exposes the fighter to counter-attacks due to its long execution time. Therefore, it should be used cautiously, after thorough practice and mastering.

Learning and executing the Spinning Heel Kick requires practice and precision. Despite it being a risky move, when performed correctly, it can be a game-changer in any Muay Thai match.

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