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: Straight Kick (Te Trong)

The Straight Kick, or 'Te Trong' in Muay Thai parlance, is a frontal kick targeted primarily at an opponent's body. This kick, one of Muay Thai's most fundamental moves, is characterized by its straight-line trajectory, from the ground upward to the target, using the ball of the foot or the heel to inflict damage.


Begin in your standard fighting stance. For Muay Thai, this generally means a high guard with the fists held near the temples and feet around shoulder-width apart. The foot of your leading leg should face the opponent, while the rear foot should be turned slightly outwards.


Lift your kicking leg up, bending at the knee. Pivot on the ball of your supporting foot and twist your hips to channel power into your kick. Extend your leg swiftly and forcefully, striking the target straight on. Whip your leg back as soon as you've made contact.

How To Defend

The most typical defense against the Straight Kick is using the 'Checking' technique, where you block the kick with the shin of your raised leg. Proper timing and anticipation are crucial to implement this effectively.

How To Counter

To counter the Straight Kick, try to deflect the kick using the 'Chop Block' or use footwork to evade the attack. Another method is to step back to increase the distance, which will reduce the impact of the kick.

When To Use

In competition, the Straight Kick is often employed as a distancing strategy to keep an aggressive opponent at bay. It is also used as a powerful attack to the body or head, capable of staggering or even downing an opponent when executed correctly. The kick's versatility makes it handy in varying situations.

To optimize the power and reach of your Straight Kick, try to fully extend your leg and twist your hips as much as possible. Practice your timing, as a well-placed kick can stop an oppoment's attack in its track.

The Straight Kick, a staple in Muay Thai, is a formidable blend of offense and defense. Proper execution and timing can turn this simple technique into a match-defining move. While it may seem straightforward, mastering the Straight Kick requires regular practice with right technique and precision.

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