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: Knee Bomb (Khao Yao)

The Khao Yao, commonly known as the 'Knee Bomb', is a potent and frequently employed technique in the discipline of Muay Thai. This form of attack focuses on delivering a high-impact knee strike to the opponent's midsection, causing significant damage if executed correctly. It's a complex move that requires precision, agility, and power, making it an integral part of advanced Muay Thai training.


Start off in the traditional Muay Thai stance. The right foot should be one step behind the left with both feet facing forward. Your hands should be held up around head height.

Delivering the Knee Bomb

Push off the ground with your rear foot and swing your right knee forward, aiming for your opponent's body, while you jump off your left foot. At the same time, drive your hips forward as much as you can for maximum power. Lastly, ensure that your hands stay retracted to your face throughout the movement for protection.

How To Defend

A straightforward method to defend against the Knee Bomb is to use a defensive block where you place your hands to cover your midsection or to move out of the Knee Bomb's range.

How To Counter

One effective way to counter the Knee Bomb is the Teep Kick. As your opponent launches the Knee Bomb, push them back with a Teep Kick to their midsection to disrupt their balance and timing.

When To Use

In competition, the Khao Yao is often used when an opponent is within striking range and is relatively stationary. Along with a good measure of surprise, it can help penetrate defenses and directly attack the opponent's body. Given the technique's power, it can be a match-changing move if executed flawlessly.

Knowing when to unleash the Knee Bomb is vital - it's most effective against opponents who tend to stay in a single place. Additionally, this move should be practiced with precautions due to its potential to cause significant injury.

The Khao Yao, or the Knee Bomb as it's commonly known, demonstrates the versatility and brutality of Muay Thai. It merges speed, power, and technique into a single, powerful strike that can disrupt an opponent's strategy. Learning this move takes patience and practice, but its utility in competitive fights makes mastering it worth the effort.

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