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: The Jab (Mat Nueng)

In Muay Thai, the Mat Nueng, or Jab, is often considered the most basic yet devastating strike that a practitioner can use. It is a straight punch technique employed in this martial art discipline, used as a fast, strong weapon for both offense and defense.

The power comes from the combination of footwork and body rotation, and accuracy comes with rigorous training.

Starting Stance

Start in a proper Muay Thai stance. Your left foot should be slightly in front if you're right-handed and vice versa. Hands should be up guarding your cheekbones, elbows slightly tucked in protecting your ribs.


As you're ready to punch, rotate your left fist (right fist for southpaws) clockwise so that your knuckles are horizontal with the ground. Simultaneously, your left shoulder should come forward slightly, while the right shoulder pulls back for balance.


Extend your jabbing arm completely, directing the punch towards your opponent's face. Make the punch quick and snappy, employing power from both your shoulder and your hip. Remember not to overextend to maintain balance.


Retract your punching arm as quickly as you've delivered the punch, bringing it back to its guarding position. At the same time, reposition your body to its previous stance. The key is to minimize the window of counter-attack opportunity for your opponent.

How To Defend

Effective defense against the jab involves using either a parry or a slip. In a parry, you would use your right hand (if you're facing a right-handed jab) to lightly bat the jab away from the centerline of your face. In the slip method, you would slightly move or "slip" your head to the right when you see the jab coming, allowing it to pass by your face.

How To Counter

Countering the jab can be done in different ways. One way is to perform a Low Kick or a Body Kick right after parrying or slipping the jab. Another is to use a Cross, in which you would deliver a right-handed punch (for right-handed fighters) simultaneously as you parry the incoming jab.

The Jab or Mat Nueng is a primary technique that every Muay Thai practitioner should master. It helps in maintaining distance, disrupting the opponent's rhythm, and setting up more complex attacks.

Remember to keep your form precise, your movements snappy, and always be ready for possible counter-attacks. As with all martial arts techniques, regular practice is key to mastering the jab in Muay Thai.

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