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: The Spinning Backfist (Mat Wiang Klap)

The Spinning Backfist, also known as Mat Wiang Klap in Muay Thai, is a powerful technique characterized by its element of surprise and fast execution. By utilizing body momentum, the fighter delivers a swift, powerful strike with the back side of the fist. It's an excellent choice for those who value sudden, unexpected attacks that could stagger or even knock out the opponent.

Initial Position

Start in your standard Muay Thai stance with your hands up and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Body Rotation

Execute a rapid 180-degree turn away from your opponent, rotating on your front foot. Your rear foot swings around to generate momentum.

Arm Swing

As your body rotates, flex your rear arm finger tips towards your forearm and swing your fist forward so it makes an arc in the direction of your body's rotation.

Direct Contact

The goal is to have the back of your fist make contact with the target. Ideally, your elbow should be slightly bent upon contact to avoid hyperextending your arm.


After the strike, quickly reposition by spinning back to your original stance, keeping your balance and preparing yourself for the next move or to guard against any counterattacks from your opponent.

How To Defend

Defending against a spinning backfist could involve keeping good distance, where the opponent's extended arm miss the target. Another defense is by raising your arm to block, absorbing the impact with your forearm.

How To Counter

A good counter-move for the spinning backfist is time the opponent's rotation and swiftly stepping in to disrupt their balance mid-turn, followed by a counter-strike. Another way to counter is by moving back to avoid the strike, then launching a counter strike when the opponent is recovering and their guard is down.

When To Use

In competition, the spinning backfist could be used when the distance between the fighters lends itself to the execution of the technique. The powerful and surprising nature of this strike could create an opportunity for further aggression or end the fight with a knockout if landed accurately.

While the spinning backfist can be potent, it's also a risky move — if missed, the fighter could be exposed for a counter-attack, and recovering could take a critical split second. Therefore, it must be practiced carefully and used strategically in fights.

In conclusion, the spinning backfist is a dynamic and high-value strike in Muay Thai that combines surprise, power, and momentum. Practice and precise timing are necessary to leverage its benefits in combat effectively.

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