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: The Hook (Mat Wiang San)

A crucial component of the ancient Thai martial art, Muay Thai, is the Hook, also known as Mat Wiang San in Thai. The Hook is a type of punch used in many martial arts, not restricted to just Muay Thai.

This semi-circular and quick strike is typically aimed at the side of the opponent's head or body. The efficiency of a Hook relies heavily on power and precision, so mastering this technique is essential for any Muay Thai practitioner.


Start in the orthodox Muay Thai stance— your left foot forward, about shoulder-width apart from your right. Keep your hands up to protect your face and chin tucked.


To generate power for your Hook, initiate a slight pivot with your lead foot. The force should originate from your hips, then to your shoulder and finally travel to your fist.


With your elbow at a 90-degree angle parallel to the ground, swing your fist in a horizontal arc towards your opponent. Contact should be made with either the first two knuckles or the whole front of the fist.

How To Defend

The key to dodging a Hook is anticipation. Keep a keen eye on your opponent's shoulder and arm movements. When you notice a Hook coming, lean back slightly and create enough distance to avoid the incoming punch. Simultaneously, raise your arm on the side of the incoming hook to block any hit that can potentially reach through your defense.

How To Counter

One effective counter is using a straight punch. As your opponent launches the hook, lean back to evade the attack and use the opening in their defense to execute a straight punch. Alternatively, sidestep the Hook, create an angle, and deliver a swift Hook or straight punch of your own.

The Hook's power significantly depends on rotational movement. Transferring power from your lower body, up through your torso, shoulders, and then into your punch is vital. Rotational power provides the punch with its devastating effect.

In Muay Thai, precision, speed and power coalesce in the form of the Hook. This technique, therefore, is not just about strength but also about balance, coordination, and timing. As with every martial arts technique, proficient mastery comes with time and consistent practice. Remember, safety is paramount. Always practice with proper equipment and under the guidance of a certified instructor.

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