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: The Overhand (Mat Wiang Yao)

The Overhand punch, also known as Mat Wiang Yao in Thai, is a critical maneuver in the art of Muay Thai, especially within the Punches technique. It is considered a power shot and is typically employed as a surprising counter-attack. The Overhand punch in Muay Thai is an effective technique, but it requires agility, speed, accurate timing, and power.

Stance and Guard

Start in a fighting stance with a high guard. Your lead foot should be pointed outwards, and your weight should be evenly distributed between both legs.

Punching Technique

Twist your torso and hips, drive your rear shoulder down and throw a looping right hand over the top. Aim for either the side of your opponent's temple or chin. The force should come from your body rotation and downward swinging momentum.

Return to Guard

Immediately after execution, pull your fist back along the same path it came from, reset your stance and return to your guard position to prepare for the next action.

How To Defend

The 'Lean Back' (Onrit) technique is effective for defending against Overhand punches. By slightly leaning back and maintaining balance, the punch can be avoided, creating an opportunity for a counter move.

How To Counter

To counter an Overhand punch, one can use the Cross Block (Pong Khwai) technique where you lift the arm on the side where the punch is coming placing your forearm in the path of the incoming punch. Timing and situational awareness are key.

When To Use

In competition, the Overhand punch is often used as a surprising counterattack when an opponent advances aggressively or after blocking or evading an attack. This punch is known for its knockout power and can be a game-changer when landed correctly.

A successful Overhand punch requires a lot of practice. The key to mastering this tricky punch lies in the power generation and the body dynamics.

The Overhand punch or Mat Wiang Yao is an advanced, yet fundamental technique in Muay Thai's punches tactic. Once well-mastered, it can act as a game-changing maneuver providing a surprise knockout blow to your opponent.

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