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: The Superman Punch (Kradot Chok)

The Superman Punch, also known as 'Kradot Chok' in Thai, is a striking move commonly used in Muay Thai boxing. This unique punch derives its name from the way it mimics the flying posture of the character, Superman. The technique employs deception and a great sense of timing, although it's relatively simple to administer, it is undeniably devastating when landed effectively.

Setup Position

Begin in the standard Muay Thai position. Your fists should be up defending your face, elbows close to the body protecting your chest and abdomen. The lead foot should be pointed slightly outwards.

Feint a Kick

Feint a kick with your rear leg. As you do this, your body should appear as if you are about to kick. The opponent will respond by trying to block the non-existent kick.

Launch Into the Punch

As you pull back the feint kick, propel your body forward and punch with the same hand (like Superman flying). A proper Superman Punch should have the rear foot, the hip, and the punching hand moving at the same time for maximum power.

How To Defend

To defend against the Superman Punch, it's crucial to maintain a solid guard and keep your distance. Recognizing the setup is vital. Once identified, take a step back to evade the punch or use a push kick to disrupt the move.

How To Counter

The most common way to counter a Superman Punch is by stepping backward out of the punch's range or moving to the side (known as sidestepping). Another counter can be to utilize a low-cut kick towards the opponent’s supporting leg as they’re launching the punch.

When To Use

In competition, the Superman Punch can be used when you find the need to close a large distance quickly to catch your opponent off-guard. The move's deceptive nature with a feigned kick can confuse your opponent, creating a great opportunity to land an attack.

Despite its crowd-pleasing aesthetics, the Superman punch requires precision, power, and perfect timing. It leaves the attacker in a vulnerable state, hence should be used strategically.

The Superman Punch or 'Kradot Chok' is an impactful, surprise attack in the Muay Thai combat arsenal. While it comes with inherent risks, including total body exposure, mastering the technique can give you a potent punch that opponents rarely see coming.

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