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The Hip Throw is a fundamental technique used in several combat sports, including Muay Thai. Derived from more traditional martial arts such as Judo, the Hip Throw in Muay Thai is an efficient, powerful move to sweep or unbalance your opponent. It requires good timing, physical strength, and understanding of your opponent's movements.

Set up your grip

Approach your opponent and establish a clinch by wrapping your arms around their neck or arm. In Muay Thai, the neck clinch is preferably used.

Lean in and position your hip

Lean into your opponent's body and position your hip lower than their center of gravity. Your hip should be against your opponent's midsection or thigh, depending on their stance and your relative heights.

Execute the throw

With your hip positioned, tighten your grip, pull up and twist your body, using your hip as the pivot point. The aim is to lift your opponent off the ground and turn them over your hip.

How To Defend

When defending against a Hip Throw, maintaining your balance is crucial. Further, you can employ techniques such as base widening (spreading your legs apart) to lower your center of gravity, or utilizing the 'whizzer', an overhook that can counter your opponent's clinch.

How To Counter

Countering a Hip Throw in Muay Thai relies heavily on anticipation and balance. Once you sense your opponent attempting to establish a clinch, react by stepping out laterally or using your own clinch to neutralize theirs. Applying a knee strike as they lean in can also disrupt their move.

When To Use

In competition, the Hip Throw can be a game-changer. It's primarily used when your opponent is aggressive and comes in close, enabling you to turn their momentum against them. Successful execution can not only score points but also disorient and exhaust your opponent.

Just like any other martial arts technique, the Hip Throw requires practice to perfect, especially considering the level of timing and position judgment required.

The Hip Throw may originate from traditional martial arts, but its application in Muay Thai is a testament to its effectiveness. It provides an alternative approach to striking, leveraging the body's weight and mechanics to unbalance and potentially incapacitate the opponent.

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