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The Dump, also known as the 'Mat Miaw', is one of the most impactful moves in the Muay Thai repertoire. Focused on Throws and Sweeps, this move is designed to destabilize and hurl opponents onto the mat, inflicting both physical damage and psychological demoralization. While not a strike, it's a significant technique worth mastering in Muay Thai.

Approach and Establish Control

Move in a calculated way towards your opponent while keeping a guarded posture. Focus on getting a firm clinch around your opponent's neck or arm with an upright posture. With your other arm, get a firm grip on the bicep or the wrist to restrict their punching ability.

Execute the Dump

Rotate your body laterally, using your hip as the pivot point. By doing this, you will be giving force to unbalance your opponent, making them weak on their legs. Now, pull them downwards and sweep their legs upwards simultaneously. Execute these actions in unison. All these moves combined will result in 'The Dump'.

How To Defend

To defend against 'The Dump', practice good clinch defense. Avoid allowing your opponent to establish a secure clinch. Keep your posture upright, maintain a strong base, and use bodyweight distribution to prevent unbalancing.

How To Counter

To counter 'The Dump', maintaining a strong base is essential. Stay grounded and use your elbows to break the clinch by pushing against your opponent’s forearms or shoulder. Simultaneously, lower your center of gravity to resist the sweeping motion.

When To Use

In competitions, 'The Dump' can be used when an opponent is highly aggressive and consistently closing in. Besides being a defensive move, executing it successfully can dramatically demoralize opponents, giving a psychological advantage. It’s most effective when used strategically to counter attack-infused approaches, gaining points in the process.

It's important to note that 'The Dump' is a high skill technique and requires a good understanding of timing, clinching, and opponent's bodyweight management.

Mastery of 'The Dump' can be an excellent addition to your Muay Thai game, providing a powerful defensive and offensive tool. With diligent practice, this technique can become a game-changer.

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