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Osoto Gari, sometimes simply referred to as 'Major Outer Reap', is a widely used takedown technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). This technique is highly efficient when applied correctly, enabling the user to destabilize and topple their opponent effectively. It roots from traditional Judo but has been seamlessly integrated into BJJ grappling arts.

Grip Establishment

Start by getting a firm grip on your opponent's collar and sleeve. It's crucial to control the distance and balance of your opponent to prepare for the takedown.

Reap and Off-Balance

Your leading leg steps outside of the opponent's same-side foot. Utilize your grips to off-balance them towards the direction of your reaping leg. While doing that, simultaneously lift your reaping leg to sweep across their leg. The goal is to have your leg coming into contact with theirs at about mid-thigh or higher.

How To Defend

Defending against Osoto Gari can be achieved by maintaining a balanced and grounded stance to minimize displacement. Gripping the attacker's sleeve and using evasive footwork to prevent them from sweeping your leg can also help.

How To Counter

Osoto Gari can be countered by stepping outwards away from the attack, effectively avoiding the sweep of your opponent. Timely creation of space and grip fighting can also offset their attack.

When To Use

In competition, Osoto Gari can be an effective takedown as it unbalances and brings your opponent to the ground in a controlled manner, enabling immediate transition to groundwork. It is particularly useful when you need to switch from stand-up to ground grappling without giving up control.

Performing Osoto Gari requires impeccable timing and precision. It's also critical to remember that this technique works best when your opponent is leaning or stepping forward.

Osoto Gari is a versatile and powerful takedown that allows you to disrupt an opponent's balance and transition from a standing position to the ground efficiently. Like all techniques in BJJ, mastering Osoto Gari requires consistent practice.

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