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: Over/Under Clinch

The Over/Under Clinch, universally recognized as one of the standpoints of Thai boxing, is a technique that leverages balanced offensive and defensive opportunities. Derived from the ancient martial art of Muay Thai, this strategy allows fighters to dominate their opponent with an array of sweeping, striking, and throwing movements.


Firstly, get into a neutral stance, keeping your body squared and relaxed to allow for quick reflex actions. Your left hand is the 'Under,' tucked under your opponent's right arm, holding their shoulder or back, while the right hand is the 'Over,' hooked over your opponent's left arm with palm resting on their collarbone.


Maintain solid footwork, ensuring your balance is evenly distributed across your feet. Pull your opponent's body using 'Under' arm while simultaneously pushing using 'Over' arm. This generates an imbalance making them a perfect target for subsequent strikes & knees, or even throws.

How To Defend

Defending against Over/Under Clinch, focus on keeping your body loosely tensed to be resistant to unexpected movements. Interrupt the clinch by inserting your knee between you & the opponent, helping to create distance.

How To Counter

To counter the Over/Under Clinch, you must stay balanced and resist your opponent's pulls and pushes. You can break the clenched hand by swiftly using an upward jerking motion or by applying downward pressure.

When To Use

In competition, Over/Under Clinch can be used strategically to control the opponent's movements, demolish their rhythm, and set up robust offensive strikes. It can be advantageous in situations where the opponent puts up a strong guard defense, allowing you to break their defense and cause unpredictability.

To enhance execution and control over the Over/Under Clinch, the practice of Muay Thai calisthenics and strengthening exercises can be beneficial.

The Over/Under Clinch provides a unique blend of defensive and offensive maneuvers that can significantly impact the course of a Muay Thai bout. However, mastering it requires continuous practice and athletic prowess.

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