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: Pendulum Sweep

The Pendulum Sweep, a popular technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), falls under the category of throws and sweeps. This move is often used to unbalance an opponent from the guard and obtain a dominant top position. Mastery of the Pendulum Sweep is essential for control and dominance in BJJ matches.

Secure Opponent's Arm

Start by grabbing your opponent's arm. You can control the right arm using your left hand, ensuring that the elbow is tucked near your body.

Position Your Leg

Simultaneously, swing or 'pendulum' your opposite (right) leg outside. The momentum here is crucial in effectively executing the sweep.

Execute the Sweep

With the momentum gathered using your swinging leg, use your hips and your right leg (still inside) to lift your opponent's body, subsequently leading your opponent’s momentum towards the trap you set resulting in a sweeping motion.

How To Defend

Similar to the counter, maintaining a strong base, lower center of gravity, and effective hip control are vital in defending against the Pendulum Sweep. Moreover, identifying your opponent's intention early and disrupting their swinging motion can prevent the completion of this technique.

How To Counter

The effectiveness of the Pendulum Sweep can be diminished by a good base and superior hip control. Keeping your base wide and lowering your center of gravity can help avoid getting swept. You can also counter by keeping your trapped arm free to thwart your opponent's leverage.

When To Use

In competition, Pendulum Sweep can be used when you're in the guard position and need to reverse the situation gaining a top position. Also, this move can be employed effectively when the opponent is applying pressure from the top, as it uses the opponent's momentum against them.

Optimal use of pendulum sweep requires practice in timing and momentum management. Be cautioned that an improperly executed sweep might put you at risk of giving up a dominant position.

Mastering the Pendulum Sweep can significantly enhance your guard game in BJJ. As with all techniques, diligent practice and understanding of the principle behind this move—using the opponent's momentum against them—is key to proficiency.

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