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: Reverse Horizontal Elbow (Sok Wiang Glub)

The Reverse Horizontal Elbow, or Sok Wiang Glub, is an exceptional, rather deceptive technique hailing from the revered martial art form of Muay Thai. This technique primarily involves the practitioner to turn their elbow sideways for delivering a counter-attack to the opponent. Highly focused on timing and precision, the Sok Wiang Glub can be a useful weapon in a fighter's arsenal due to its capability to strike from unpredictable angles.

Starting Stance

Assume your standard fighting stance. Stay relaxed and ensure your elbows are close to your body.


Rotate your hips and shoulder backwards while twisting your leading foot as if you're throwing a hook. As this happens, swing your elbow at a horizontal angle aiming for the target, generally the opponent's chin or jaw.

Follow Through

Ensure that your wrist is straight and your fingers pointed downwards during the elbow strike. After the elbow has made contact, follow through with the strike, pivoting on your foot for added power.

How To Defend

To successfully defend against a Sok Wiang Glub, the practice of proper movement and awareness are crucial. You can avoid the incoming elbow by stepping back or utilizing the clinch to disrupt your opponent's striking range.

How To Counter

A good way to counter the Sok Wiang Glub involves an effective use of timely teeps or front kicks aimed at the opponent's midsection or jamming the execution with a well-aimed jab. Reading your opponent's movement is key here.

When To Use

In competition, Sok Wiang Glub can be a useful weapon because of its unpredictability. It's excellent for when fighters find themselves in close quarters and can be used as an effective counter-attack due to its swift execution. It's primarily used when seeking to surprise the opponent with a quick, unexpected strike.

The Sok Wiang Glub, while intricate, is an excellent technique that is both unorthodox and effective at delivering surprise attacks. Its successful execution can prove to be a game-changer during intense competitive matches.

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