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: Single Collar Tie

A fundamental clinch technique in Muay Thai is the Single Collar Tie. Often used to control the opponent's movement or set up strikes, this technique is crucial for any practitioner of this martial art. Mastering the Single Collar Tie can significantly improve your in-fight clinching and overall Muay Thai skills.

Approach the Opponent

Step towards your opponent with your guard up. Make sure that your body stays balanced and your footwork nimble, ready to adjust based on your opponent's actions.

Establishing the Collar Tie

Reach out and grip the back of your opponent's neck with one hand. Your other hand should stay up as your guard. The grip should be firm and your elbow bent inward to create pressure and control.

Control the Position

Use the hand that's gripping the neck to control your opponent's position. You can pull them in multiple directions to set up strikes or restrict their movements.

How To Defend

Defending against a Single Collar Tie involves good hand positioning and posture. Keep your chin tucked, make sure your head is upright to reduce the pull, and your hands in a position where they can disrupt your opponent's control.

How To Counter

A counter-move to the Single Collar Tie is the Double Collar Tie or 'swim' your hand inside your opponent's grip and break the hold by pushing their elbow or applying a similar single collar tie to level the control.

When To Use

During a Muay Thai competition, the Single Collar Tie is an advantageous position often used to control the opponent's movement and set up knee strikes, elbows, sweeps, or even throws. Its versatility makes it frequently utilized, particularly in clinch exchanges.

The effectiveness of the Single Collar Tie comes from its versatility and control. It allows for both offensive and defensive maneuvers and can easily transition into other holds or strikes.

The Single Collar Tie is a critical technique in Muay Thai clinch work. It's essential to master its execution and understand how to counter and defend against it to enhance your versatility and adaptability in the ring.

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